She tries to steal 350 Switch cartridges by hiding them in her bra: she is arrested

So far we’ve heard stories of all kinds when it comes to people trying to steal and import items by bypassing border and airport controls. However, most of these stories usually involve illegal substances, or cash, and not… Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

But in China, exactly this happened: a woman was arrested, Tells HK01 (Thanks, Tom’s devices), when some border agents at Liantang Port noticed that he was acting and appearing suspiciously.

So they decided to investigate further, taking into account his behavior ‘He did not give the impression that he was innocent’.

And so they made the discovery: the woman She hid 350 Nintendo Switch video game cartridges in her bra Who was trying to bring China in, with value Which was estimated at approximately 70 thousand yuan (Just over 9,000 euros at the current exchange rate).

The officers thus detained the woman, as the law prohibits this Try to evade customs Hiding something, disguising yourself, or making false statements «Transport, manage or ship goods that Forbidden or Limited With regard to entry into or exit from the country.”

China already has a complicated relationship – to put it mildly, since it is considered the “opium of the soul” – with video games (only recently has there been some opening up), but in this case the cartridges are being brought into the country undeclared (and therefore unpaid) to avoid taxes. Customs duty should be the real legal point of this issue.

Women can eventually Get away with the fine It is worth up to three times the value of the taxes he tried to evade. And all of these games, we imagine, will end up being taken over.

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