Beware the vowel, it can be a scam

Beware the vowel, it can be a scam

WhatsApp: In the last few hours, a new scam has been circulating on the app, you should be very careful if you receive this voice message. Here’s what it is and how to protect your data.

If you notice any strange movements on your smartphone, it might be a scam. In fact, a few hours ago, a certain audio message started circulating on WhatsApp. Be careful what you do, they may steal a lot of money and all your personal data.

WhatsApp scam: Beware of this audio message

When browsing the web, many people tend to click on unknown links or open highly dangerous pages. Unfortunately, those who try to cheat focus on the naivety of the weakest, which is why we must stay updated on what is happening on the Internet to avoid falling into these traps.

The first thing to do is recognize the signals that are very dangerous for us and our bank accounts. For example, never trust messages from your accounts, especially if they ask you for a PIN or access data, remember that your bank will never ask you for it. If you have any doubts, contact customer service first, they will tell you exactly whether it is a scam or not.

In the past few hours, a very dangerous voice message has been circulating on WhatsApp, let’s find out in detail what it is.

WhatsApp Scam: Beware This Voice Message, They May Steal All Your Money

The first thing to point out is that WhatsApp is never implicated in the scam, and unfortunately hackers managed to get into the server to take control. Often these people with bad intentions manage to copy the graphics and the website of the company, and they manage to deceive a lot of people. And that is exactly what these scammers do with WhatsApp.

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In detail, they send emails with a voice message on WhatsApp, if opened it could have serious consequences for the user.

WhatsApp scam
New scam, if you get this WhatsApp email, don’t click

In general, this email is not sent in the form of spam because it is recognized as safe, in fact it is just the opposite. Inside you will find a button with the word Play, if clicked, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to accept the request.

The moment you click, in addition to registering for a subscription, you will fill your mobile phone or computer with viruses that will automatically install malware. This, in addition to stealing all your personal data, will also take a lot of money from your bank accounts.

Remember to always pay attention to what you click on. What do you think that?

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