Coldiretti Asti answers nutrition and health fake news starting with science

Coldiretti Asti answers nutrition and health fake news starting with science

The second edition of the training / informational courses on the topics “Food and Health” held by the nutritionist and clinical nutritionist Professor Giorgio Calabrese, based on a project by the Federation of the Province of Coldiretti Asti, is in progress.

Four morning meetings (from 9 to 12) in the presence of valid press credentials and PCTO for secondary school students in Asti, organized and sponsored by the Association of Physicians and Dentists of the Province of Asti.

It starts on Friday, February 17th with the theme “Agriculture, Food, and Health – Synthetic Food Threats and Impact on Human Health – Nutriscore/Nutrinform”.

The following topic will be discussed on Friday, March 3: “The short supply chain and the Mediterranean diet, UNESCO heritage between trends and science. Qualitative characteristics and nutritional values ​​beneficial to human health, as well as the environment.”

Also in the month of March, Friday the 17th, the topic will be: “Food and health: foods that are good for the psyche and for those who exercise. Food, drink and youth: since when and why.”

Deadline, Friday, April 21st to talk about: “Food and Health. Dietary Intake in Different Age Groups. Foods and Beverages, Heart and Diabetes. kmZero Farmers Markets.”

All meetings will take place at the Campagna Amica Farmer’s Market at Corso Alessandria 271 in Asti. In the event of overbooking, students will have the opportunity to continue remotely from their classrooms/lecture halls.

“Speaking scientifically about nutrition and health starting with the raw materials of agriculture means being fully aware and precise of how food translates into our body, to ensure, or not, a healthy life in relation to our well-being and that of the environment – explains Professor Calabrese.

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“At a time when the main foods of the Mediterranean diet, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are in danger of being taken off our tables by irrational and superficial policies, Coldiretti cannot remain indifferent – continues Coldiretti Asti President Marco Reggio.

Coldiretti Asti responds to the introduction of synthetic foods grown in a laboratory and the misleading labels affixed to wine bottles, as well as the amount of fake news that feeds the appetite of ignorance, starting from scientific principles and foundations as well as from the extremely high preparation / experience of Professor Calabrese, one of the greatest international exponents and advisors On this subject – assures the director of Coldiretti Asti Diego Furia.

Participation in the courses is free of charge until all available places are filled. For journalists: register directly on the platform Training of journalists. For interested schools and the general public, write to [email protected] and await accreditation confirmation.

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