Basketball, playoffs: Milan in the tournament final, 3-0 in Sassari

Basketball, playoffs: Milan in the tournament final, 3-0 in Sassari

The Lombards fanned out and closed out the series 3-0 at a Dynamo that collapsed in the final quarter. Napier and Shields are the best of Coach Messina’s team

Sassari Milan 61-93
In the match, Milan takes advantage of the first available match point and closes the series with Sassari, to reach their third consecutive Scudetto final. Wholesale Napier, Guarantee Shields. After a minute’s silence to kill Giulia Tramontano, a joint request of Dinamo and Olimpia, we start with Milan at high speeds. Messina’s team strikes with Napier and Voigtmann, still an enigma for Sassari’s defense, while Bucchi relies on the bench to stop the guest’s initial escape.

Leading the blue and white teams, Robinson finds with his acceleration the changes of pace that seem to be the only weakness in Milan’s always productive defence; On the other side of the field, Shields is the resource that stops the host’s initiative at the best moment and allows Olimpia to close the first part of the match at +5: 36-41 in the 20th minute. After the long break, Sassari found the hat-tricks and beat them, but Milan responded sharply in the best Angel moments, Shields confirms his guarantee, Datome finds the heavy baskets as in Game 2 and Olimpia escapes by going over the leading double figures at the end of the third quarter. The match is decided at the opening of the last quarter, 6-0 signed by Napier equals +18 which puts Dynamo on the ropes, Milan continues to defend hard forcing Sassari to go forward. The final capitulation comes in the 35th minute with Melli’s basket worth +23 and the new finalist of Olympia, Sassari raises the white flag with dignity and salutes his PalaSerradigmi, the last possessions only serve to decide the final result and honor Jacques Deveki who ends his career as captain after 17 seasons in the Sassari jersey. (Nicholas Cascione)

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Sassari: Robinson 15, Dow 12, Stephens, Bendzius 9
Milan: Napier 21, Shields 19, Voigtman 15

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