Barbara Dorso, her life in danger: “I was forced to take a guard”

Barbara Dorso, her life in danger: “I was forced to take a guard”

Those of Barbara Dorso are the days of fear. In fact, the famous Mediaset presenter had to take in a private guard because she feared for her safety. The situation is very serious, let’s see what happens.

Barbara Dorso He is a familiar face to Mediaset: the anchor is always smiling, sunny, and presents afternoons to the general public, which she is very fond of. Moreover, during his radio programs, he dedicates himself to helping those who need it most: From the vagrant trying to find a place to live, to the unemployed, who helps to find work thanks to the generosity of his viewers.

In short, D’Urso is always ready to lend her hand, but this time she might be the one who needs help. was the presenter Forced to take a private bodyguard Why Concerns for his safety and security. But what happened?

Stalker severely threatens Barbara Dorso

The situation is more serious than it appears. I’m afraid my stalker has been seen under my housethey came to me Threats with written “I’ll cut off your head”And the I had to get a bodyguard“.

Sounds like words taken from a horror movie, instead These are the words of Barbara Dorso. That’s right, she’ll have one stalking The one that threatens her so badly, that’s why he took her Important measuresNo bodyguard. This indicates that the presenter fears for her safety and feels in real danger, to the point that she ended up in court.

Barbara Dorso

Going into the merits of the story, we know that D’Urso’s statement was made in the courtroom of the court Rome: The to treatBehind closed doors, sees the dock 36 years old from Catania. But who is the stalker?

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To understand who he is, you have to dive into the past and go back to it 2017, the year that Carmella Stalker participated in one of his programs. From that moment the man started Pretending to be the adopted son of a TV host Using the “bacisolari” Instagram profile. Over the years he has repeatedly reached out to Barbara’s close relatives asking them to meet his “brothers” as he defines them.

Barbara Dorso

In recent months Situation It has become more dangerous than before and it is become unsustainableas the stalker started threatening the presenter online Chasing the editorial staff over the phone 5 pm and Sunday Live. Monochrome judge Valerio de Goya arranged one for him Psychological report.

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