Banda de Ferreries’ joy at its highest expression Sonia Marquès Camps

Banda de Ferreries’ joy at its highest expression Sonia Marquès Camps

we One hundred musicians from the Ferreries Music Band They played the championship on Saturday and Sunday.Premiere of the work dedicated to the city by the Valencian composer Ferrer FerranUnder the baton of the creator, the composition was delivered from the balcony of the Ferreries Auditorium to this symphonic piece that explores the history and traditions of the city; a work of contrasts, emotional, dramatic and joyful, with a passionate melody and its own identity, with a reference to origins, perhaps linked to the work of the blacksmiths, or to the sound of the beautiful melody of Fabiol and the drum of the replica of Sant Bartomeu.

A work destined to travel and please the world. International career of musician Ferrer Ferran, pseudonym of Fernando Ferrer Martínez (1966), Which has received numerous awards and recognitions. Using a complex technique, this score for the band and with several soloists has the particularity of including musical notes that correspond to the letters Ferreries, according to the English nomenclature, in a disguised musical language. It leaves in its legend, for future interpretations, the geographical description of the surrounding mountains, its festivals and the composer’s intention when he received the order from the Ateneu Musical de Ferreries, at the time when Juan Luis Torres was president. Today it is in the hands of Damià Rútger: to dedicate it to all the musicians of his band and, in particular, to its main director, Josep Agustí Colom, “to expand the repertoire and the musical heritage of the population”.

Colomb guided the musicians in rehearsals of this work for several months. On Saturday and Sunday, he gave the baton to the creator, in an extraordinary interpretation that demonstrated the class of the piece and the interpretation of the band for which it was intended (and which had the honour of premiering it) in front of 300 people who eventually applauded and cheered from the balcony of the hall on Saturday and Sunday.

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It will be andThe strongest and most anticipated dish from Restel, but not the only one. Ferrer Ferran came to Ferreries to do his best, to use a colloquial expression. In fact, it could be said that this was the closing of a circle that had begun years ago with different interpretations throughout the recent history of concerts by the Banda de Música de Ferreries dedicated to symphonic pieces by this composer. This weekend, it was Ferrer Ferran who dedicated himself to the Banda de Ferreries, giving, despite his genius, all the importance to the group and its musicians; insisting, with commendable modesty, to show in this study of his pieces that the concert was the potential and interpretive level of the composition. In fact, Ferrer Ferran highlighted the quality and preparation of the Banda de Música de Ferreries, placing it at the head of the orchestras in Spain.

This intention to show was implicit, by the way he looked, and explicitly, when he turned to the audience, and, momentarily stopping his baton, exclaimed: “Look how they can play alone!” And also by the multitude of solo interpretations that the repertoire included and because it made the musicians stand up repeatedly during their performances.

Seeing Ferrer Ferran, listening to the emotionality of his repertoire, such as the double step “Maestro José Joaquín Pérez”, the Spanish fantasy “El Pilar Andalucía de Estepona”, “Fuegos del alma” or “Bolero de Carmelo”, his passion for the band’s music is understandable. He is able to bring the joy it contains to its maximum expression. And so he made the audience enjoy it. Especially when he made the musicians sing and dance in the interpretation of the piece that was the celebration of “Mar de Viñas”. Not only were the musicians the protagonists of this concert, but the audience also sang and made the music with their own hands, under the wonderful direction of Ferrer Ferran.

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He and the other concertmaster, Josep Agustí Colom, who participated as saxophonist, put the final image of the celebration of the concert in an embrace that crowned a great deal of work and dedication. And now with the piece “Ferreries”, as Ferrer Ferran said, already full of life. Destined to spread, sound, and resonate throughout the world.

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