Baggio, touching letter written to Gigi Riva: “You are unique and unforgettable”

Baggio, touching letter written to Gigi Riva: “You are unique and unforgettable”

Kodino's divine tribute to his “friend who had many battles and many wounds.” Because it was Rombo Di Tono who hugged him when he missed the penalty kick in the 1994 World Cup final.

Roberto Baggio and Gigi Riva were friends. Rombo Di Tono was at the head of the Italian national team delegation, and he embraced the divine symbol after missing the missed penalty kick in Pasadena, in the 1994 World Cup final in the United States. Now, there are links that go beyond that between former footballers, and for this and thousands of other reasons, Baggio wanted to write an open letter to his friend at ANSA.

It's his tribute to a man he always admired: “Dear Gigi, friend of many battles and many wounds…” His letter begins, “I have never forgotten those moments and those hugs. Life has brought us together along the way.” “His journey, which we lived with so much love and endless passion for the most beautiful match in the world. You were a unique and precious example of great humility. For me, you were a beautiful example of cohesion, attachment to the shirt, honesty and courage. You loved the land that adopted you like no other. I was able to turn your suffering and pain into positive redemption.”

That thunder roll

“You were a wise and precious travel companion – continues Baggio -, and you were always yourself on and off the field. You were something unique and unforgettable, just as I am sure the 'Thunder Roll' will be unique and unforgettable. “He will be able to welcome Welcome on your heavenly journey, where I hope you will soon meet those you loved and lost so soon. I love you, Roberto Baggio.”

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