Back and forth with petrol trucks: the EU’s green hypocrisy

Back and forth with petrol trucks: the EU’s green hypocrisy

Do you know Europe?electric car By 2035, directives on green housesNo to coal, oil and gas? Does Europe know “Long live the wind”, “Long live the energy transition”, “Hooray for Greta” and all the rest? Here it is European Union It’s the same thing that doesn’t have solar panels in its power buildings, no heat pumps or even co-generators. Energy class E. In short: They preach well, but scratch very hard.

Fourth Republic in last night’s episode I went to the EU flea And I discovered it allEuropean hypocrisy. On Thursday afternoon, as often happens, the European Parliament empties: MPs with suitcases return to their constituencies. However, in defiance of the beneficial energy savings to save the planet, all the lights remain strictly on. Empty display spaces? The lights are on. Restaurants without diners? All lit. Space for “green” parties’ offices? LEDs that go like hell. There would be a reason why the EU Parliament would spend €42m in 2023 Energy consumptionAlmost three times compared to last year. Woe to finding electric charging poles in garages.

However, the biggest paradox is another one. In fact, the European Parliament has two seats: one in Brussels and the other a StrasbourgIt is joined collectively by officials, parliamentarians and collaborators once a month for plenary session. For this transport each Member of Parliament fills a plastic box which he leaves outside the office: couriers pass by here and pick them up, and load them into 8 trucks (presumably with petrol) which leave for Strasbourg. It’s 430 kilometers, six hours of travel, 109 million euros and 19 thousand tons of carbon dioxide produced. Do you understand the madness?

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