“The Beacon of the New Democratic Party” – Il Tempo

“The Beacon of the New Democratic Party” – Il Tempo

“Giorgia Meloni shows dementia, because it is against her interest and that of our country. The Italian government achieved nothing in Brussels, but at the end of the European Council the Prime Minister said she was satisfied with the result anyway.” The words and music are by Carlo De Benedetti, which is strongly disputed by Alessandro Salusti, director of Libero, during the April 3 episode of Quarta Repubblica, the Rete4 talk show hosted by Nicola Porro. “Engineer Di Benedetti paid bribes, this is the new will of the Democratic Party! The problem is Eli Schlein who is standing by and smiling as he says these things,” the reporter rushes.

gross.  Meloni's insult?  Paola Ferrari crushes her father-in-law De Benedetti

Another topic touched upon by Salusti are the words of Ignazio La Russa, President of the Senate, regarding the attack in Via Rassila during World War II, the action that led to the Fossi-Ardeatin massacre in retaliation: “If you knew that doing one thing kills 30 innocent people would you The same? – Salusti asked the guests who criticize Rossa -. Laura Boldrini, Fausto Bertinotti, Piero Grasso when they held government posts, did they also speak to the right? So why doesn’t Rossa avoid left-wing voters ?!”.

very arrogant.  Who Schlein warns: This way you risk a lot

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