Biden, the favorite without being on the ballot

Biden, the favorite without being on the ballot

If the polls aren't wrong, Joe Biden will comfortably win the New Hampshire Democratic primary today, and his name won't even be on the ballot. The campaign to handwrite those eight letters behind the list of 21 “official” candidates appearing in print gained enough momentum for the incumbent president to get his first, if symbolic, shot at winning the election in the race for the Democratic nomination.

If victory appears to be the case, it will be a gift to Biden from Democratic voters in a state where, at his request, the DNC has stepped back from its historic role as “the nation’s first primary,” which is also recognized by state law.

It was Biden who pushed for the calendar change to begin the process this time not in the Iowa caucuses and these primaries but in South Carolina, a state demographically more representative of the country than the first two. The Democratic National Committee finalized the calendar change in February of last year. While Democrats in Iowa resigned, in New Hampshire they decided to move on.

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To follow the rules he himself preferred, Biden did not register as a candidate. But when the deadline for him to do so passed, a campaign was launched, independent of the president and the Democratic National Committee, demanding that his name be written off. Although no formal campaign was conducted, New Hampshire became a site of pilgrimage for prominent members of the administration. According to the latest poll conducted by CNN and the University of New Hampshire, Biden will receive 63% of the votes.

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This will be more than enough to win over 19+ experienced candidates. But also to leave behind the two candidates who dared to challenge him at the national level: Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, a 55-year-old centrist who doubts Biden's candidacy especially because of his age and who, according to the same poll, will win. 10% of the vote, and self-help expert Marianne Williamson (9%).

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