Antonino Spinalpez and follower of Stefano Di Martino, both now ex-Belen Rodriguez

Antonino Spinalpez and follower of Stefano Di Martino, both now ex-Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez’s ex-partner and father of her daughter Luna Mari, Antonino Spinalpez, has started following Stefano Di Martino on Instagram now that their relationship with the Argentinian broadcaster has ended.

The two former comrades of Belin Rodriguez First time Neighbors at the initiative of Antonino Spinalpez Which, surprisingly, began to follow Stephen DiMartino on instagram. Belen left the former partner of the Argentine TV presenter and the father of her daughter, Luna Marie, a few months after the birth of their little girl. A few weeks later, Rodriguez gets back together with Stefano, her ex-husband from whom she could never separate from a romantic point of view. But a few months ago things changed again.

Belen Rodriguez is close to Elio Lorenzoni

Relations with the parents of her two children closed, and Belen Rodriguez began dating Elio LorenzoniBusinessman and his new partner. For a while, the two went out into the open. Belen immediately introduced him to her family and wanted Elio to leave with her to Albarilla Island, along with her children Santiago and Luna Marie and her parents Veronica and Gustavo.

Antonino Spinalpez’s reaction to Belen’s new love

In response to Belen’s new life next to his new partner, Elio, Antonino Spinalbes thinks of making a gesture (at least on social media) aimed at creating a stir. He began following Stefano Di Martino, who had been his rival in love for a while. For the time being, the Rai captain has not responded to Antonino’s “follow-up” and Belen has avoided commenting. Stefano showed that he wanted to get away from the circulating gossip about the thousandth separation from Belen. On vacation with friends, he announces that he is celibate (through his sister Adelaide) and shows that he wants to devote himself above all to his greatest passions: work, his son Santiago and his boat. On the other hand, Beilin has made it clear that he does not intend to tolerate any interference with regard to his own choices.

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