Antimatter falls due to gravity like matter

Antimatter falls due to gravity like matter

“We have been working on this experiment for almost two decades,” says Germano Bonomi. There were many difficulties to overcome: “It required very high control of electric and magnetic fields. Even the creation of neutral atoms, such as antihydrogen atoms, is not easy – explains the Infn researcher – as magnetic confinement can be maintained long enough to make Measurements. This discovery also contradicts the hypothesis that the absence of antimatter in the observable universe is due to opposite behavior with respect to gravity, which is called the “gravitational repulsion” hypothesis. According to the Big Bang theory, matter and antimatter were supposed to exist in equal proportions in the universe. However, our universe consists of ordinary matter, while antimatter has practically disappeared. According to some, a possible explanation for this asymmetry may be in “reverse gravity”, that is, in the fact that antimatter is not attracted by the gravitational force like matter, Rather, they are repelled. However, the result obtained at CERN shows that this theory is wrong and that with respect to gravity, antimatter behaves like matter: “If there is an explanation for the asymmetry between matter and antimatter – Bonomi comments – it is not an explanation for the repulsion gravity”. .

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