Road test and review of the new Skoda Kamiq 2023, a really interesting car for the money

Road test and review of the new Skoda Kamiq 2023, a really interesting car for the money

Skoda Kamiq It is a small crossover that has a large interior and a high level of comfort. Equipped with modern technologies, this car offers a number of advanced features that are already in the basic version.

Among these, we find the anti sleep system, lane keeping system, automatic emergency braking, full LED headlights and adaptive cruise control. The Skoda Kamiq multimedia system is rich and modern, allowing to manage various functions, including dual-zone automatic climate control control. Let’s take a closer look at everything:

  • Skoda Kamiq 2023 road test
  • Reviews of the new Skoda Kamiq 2023 crossover

Skoda Kamiq 2023 road test

The new Skoda Kamiq 2023 is a Front-wheel drive compact crossover Which provides ample interior space. Occupants will find ample legroom as well as plenty of headroom, though those seated in the center of the sofa will have to contend with a huge tunnel on the floor. Practicality is increased by several solutions, such as cargo nets, a canopy hidden in the driver’s door panel and a motorized tailgate that allows access to a large, well-appointed luggage compartment.

Skoda Kamiq stands out Quality finishesIt is evident in the nicely upholstered dashboard and the delicate fittings. The multimedia system is modern, full of functions, connected to the Web and is standard on the richest versions. There is no shortage of a fully digital and highly configurable dashboard, as well as various driving assistance devices, many of which are included as standard even in the basic version, such as adaptive cruise control.

Under the hood, i Turbo petrol engines It offers dynamism, low fuel consumption and low vibration, and easily overcomes extreme load situations with the 95 HP unit. The manual gearboxes are precise and easy to operate, but the option of a DSG dual-clutch gearbox is also available. The latter is only available for versions equipped with the powerful 1.5 turbo petrol engine, while the 1.0 G-TEC methane variants, also suitable for novice drivers, are offered with a manual gearbox.

Attention is paid to sound insulation, and the absorption of ground roughness remains in effect even with 18-inch wheels, while maintaining excellent cornering grip. You can choose electronically controlled shock absorbers with two adjustable settings. The steering provides good precision and cornering grip is excellent.

Release Skoda Kamiq 2023 1.0 TSI It is to be considered, but if methane supply is not an issue, the G-TEC variant is very economical, as it is single fuel and is equipped with only a nine-liter petrol tank as a reserve for emergencies.

Reviews of the new Skoda Kamiq 2023 crossover

Skoda Kamiq introduces a High noise insulation of the passenger compartment, ensuring a great reduction of external noise. The suspension is very efficient and maintains good ride quality even with large 18-inch wheels installed, without compromising the lateral inclination of the car.

there He drives a Skoda Kamiq It’s intuitive and easy, providing fast and direct feedback. The manual gearboxes are precise, while the engines are lively and fuel efficient.

inside the cockpit There is ample space for both passengers and luggage, allowing for a comfortable and practical journey. The multimedia system is modern, comprehensive and offers a wide range of features. Available features include a digital dashboard and various driver assistance devices, most of which are included as standard.

the Starting price For the Skoda Kamiq it is 23,000 euros.

In the Skoda Kamiq 2023Some regulation functions, such as dual-zone climate control, require use of the touch screen. This process takes several steps and requires the driver’s attention, taking their eyes off the road.

Unlike some competitors that share the same mechanical base, the Skoda Kamiq does not have a sliding sofa, which allows greater ingenuity in the organization of interior spaces.

It is strange that there is an intersection, Skoda Kamiq It is not equipped with anti-scratch protection on the bodywork, which may help maintain its aesthetic integrity from any unwanted scratches and marks.

The formation of seats and the presence of a Huge tunnel on the ground They limit the hospitality of the interior spaces, making them less welcoming to occupants.

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