Andorra allocates 5 million euros to support rents in 2023, an increase of 36.5% from 2022.

Andorra allocates 5 million euros to support rents in 2023, an increase of 36.5% from 2022.

Marin highlights the Andorran government’s “determination” to support citizens

Andorra la Vella (Andorra) 4 (European Press)

Andorra has allocated €5,008,012.79 to support rental housing in 2023, representing a 36.5% increase compared to 2022.

Grants were distributed to 2,190 users, i.e. 21% more than in 2022, the emirate’s government reported on Tuesday in a statement in which it evaluated the Department of Social Affairs during 2023.

Minister of Social Affairs and Civil Service, Trini Marin, indicated that the increase in spending and users of rental subsidies is due to the “determination” of the Andorran government to support citizens in one of the country’s main problems.

As highlighted, more people can benefit from this financial support thanks to reduced access requirements, a flexibility approved by the Executive in 2022.

Incidental assistance and child benefits

The balance sheet also includes data on incidental financial aid – directed to individuals or families to finance expenses arising from attention to specific needs – of which 2,875 were granted in 2023 with an expenditure of €3,245,123, 4.3% less than in 2022.

As for the family allowance for each dependent child, €1,361,511.10 has been settled in 2023 and €317,646.75 has been settled as voluntary unemployment benefit, according to the press release issued by the Government of Andorra.

Social, health and grief centres

Marin also pointed out that work is being done to preserve the well-being of the elderly and ensure a “dignified old age for them,” explaining that it works on two axes: healthy social centers and individual care at home through the Home Care Service (SAD).

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In 2023, it closed with 232 24-hour arranged places in social and health centres, i.e. 61% of the total number of places available in the country – a number that has risen to the current 258 – and 110 arranged places. Per day 76% of total offers.

The total expenditures associated with the total agreed places, both health and day social centres, amounted to €4,638,054.60.

Regarding SAD, it closed 2023 with 62 users, 48% more than the previous year, which means, according to the Director of the Department of Social Affairs, Joan Carles Villaverde, that the service is “strengthening”.

As for persons with disabilities, in 2023, the National Assessment Committee (CONAVA) recorded a record number of 1,764 people assessed with an impairment score of more than 33%, of whom 314 were integrated over the past year.

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