An official trailer has come along with story details, according to an insider

An official trailer has come along with story details, according to an insider

Soon we will be able to see The official announcement to Advertising to GTA6at least according to an inside source, YouTuber ‘SanInPlay’ is very reliable in things Rockstar Games, since in the past he revealed several details about the game beforehand, which were later proven to be true, such as the protagonist’s name and origins.

According to reports, the trailer will include important details about the story and one of the main characters in it, Lucy. SanInPlay also shared some very specific details about the content of the video, talking about a dog playing on the beach, a lizard crossing the road, and most interestingly, Lucia in prison doing some exercises.

Lucia has been confirmed as one of two playable characters through various leaks. It must be the other Jasonher alleged lover. In July, a Bloomberg report spoke of them as two characters strongly inspired by the characters of Bonnie and Clyde.

Unfortunately, SanInPlay has not provided any other information on this matter. So we can’t tell you when the trailer might arrive, if it already is. It is important to note that on February 6, 2023, Take-Two, publisher of Rockstar Games, will Financial report for the third quarter of the current fiscal year. It may be a perfect opportunity to present the game, depending on the results achieved.

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