An institute in Barcelona makes a discovery in flies to fight cancer

An institute in Barcelona makes a discovery in flies to fight cancer

to’Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research (IRB Barcelona) A study has identified two genes that are “essential” in the development of brain tumors in the fly Drosophila – also known as the fruit fly -, it said in a statement released on Wednesday. The study, published in the journal Embo Reports, revealed that two germline genes, TrxT and dhd, are involved in the formation of sperm and eggs and that It must be inactive in the brain, are unexpectedly activated in the fly leading to the formation of aggressive tumors. Apparently, the discovery is still in a very experimental stage, but over time it could become a treatment or prevention for some tumors.

Researchers have found that the interaction between these two genes can cause much more harm than expected. In this sense, if either gene is inhibited, a partial reduction in the size of tumors is achieved, so attacking one of the two genes actually gives results. However, they also observed a “much greater” reduction when blocking both genes simultaneously. The research also emphasizes the importance of taking into account… Sexual dimorphism in cancer researchIt detects differences between tumors Male and female From the Drosophila fly.

Housefly (Musca locala) vs. Crow whitefly (Diplotaxis erucoides) | Jaume Marles

Research is getting closer to a cure

Researcher at IRB Barcelona Cayetano Gonzalez He highlighted that the study shows new germline genes involved in tumor development and that the results suggest “that cooperation between multiple genes could offer new therapeutic strategies” for cancer. Therefore, researchers see good results in searching for these and other genes that appear in the flies’ DNA, and therefore they hope to be closer to finding more information to treat or prevent brain tumors in humans.

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