An F-35 disappears in the United States, and the pilot’s voice appears: This is what happened

An F-35 disappears in the United States, and the pilot’s voice appears: This is what happened

Last September 17, a F-35B From the Marine Corps, the short take-off and vertical landing version of the fighter-bomber, built by Lockheed Martin, crashed in the United States after the pilot was rescued. Plane wreck has been defined Just two days later, in a forest located approx 100 km Northeast of the air base CharlestonSouth Carolina.

Therefore, for almost three days, the crashed plane was not found, so much so that the US Marine Corps (US Marine Corps) and US authorities He asked for the residents’ cooperation To find it. The causes of the accident have not yet been determined, but we know that at that moment heavy rain was falling over the city of Charleston, where the F-35 was supposed to land.

According to preliminary reconstructions, the pilot ejected from the plane while near the city airport: from air traffic control audio, it appears that the F-35’s transponder signal was lost when he was about “10 miles from runway 15.” We also know that at the time of launch, the pilot had departed The autopilot is busy It was precisely the ejection sequence that caused the transponder to turn off, and thus the fighter to disappear from radar screens.

The incident is currently being investigated and the Marines announced on the 18th that they had ordered all of their air units to move. Withdraw – retreat Safety “to ensure that the service maintains operational uniformity of combat-ready aircraft with well-trained pilots and crews” or grounding all flights. This is a common safety procedure after serious accidents, but it should be noted that the accident on the 17th was the third serious air accident involving Marines in the past six weeks and not long after the loss of a Boeing V-22 in Australia.

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The F-35 was then found tens of kilometers from the point where the pilot ejected, likely due to the fact that the autopilot was engaged, along with the operation of the main avionics system on board, i.e. which maintains the thrust and power needed to reduce Minimum control of flight surfaces. There is one thing to remember Technical details: New generation aircraft, at least from the F-117 onwards, are unable to fly without the aid of the on-board central computer which makes continuous, imperceptible corrections to the ailerons, slats and rudder. It was actually designed this way to remain highly maneuverable by combining the stealth characteristics provided by the aircraft’s special design. Thus, the autopilot independently and continuously corrects the aircraft’s attitude by acting on the flight surfaces.

Perhaps the failure of the F-35B, the nature of which we do not yet know, despite its seriousness, did not affect this aspect of the plane, which continued to fly more than 100 kilometers from the point where the pilot took off. Surprisingly, the pilot landed In the garden of the house From a North Charleston resident, B Phone call to US emergency number (911) Request an ambulance.

The four-minute recording captured this special circumstance that also included the homeowner seeing the pilot parachute into the backyard. We have a pilot at home“And I think she fell in my backyard, and we’re trying to see if we can get an ambulance, please.”“The resident said. Then the pilot intervened in the 911 call, reporting that it was only his back that was hurting him and he said “Ma’am, a military plane has crashed. I am the pilot. We have to start the rescue operation.” Determine it “I’m not sure where the plane is. It could have crashed somewhere. I threw myself out.” Then he requested an ambulance to intervene.

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