Kovit-19: The Kremlin blames the Russians for failing to vaccinate

Moscow, Russia | The Kremlin on Friday acknowledged the failure of its anti-Govt vaccination campaign compared to Europe, but in the midst of a deadly epidemic, pointed to the responsibility of the population.

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Russia on Friday set new daily records of deaths and pollution, with 1,064 deaths and 37,141 casualties.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, “We are in a worse position than the whole series of European countries in terms of vaccination. Suddenly, with an increase in more aggressive variants, more people are getting sick.

One-third of Russians have been vaccinated since December amid a lack of confidence in vaccines developed by Russia.

But Mr. As for Pesco, the government is not in issue, but rather its people. “Citizens’ awareness is the problem,” he said, adding that he himself had not been vaccinated and that he had high levels of anti-body after being infected. In May 2020.

Russian officials have certainly called on Russians to get vaccinated, but they have always suggested that they can tackle the epidemic, control health controls as much as possible to protect the economy, and not seek to impose unpopular measures such as wearing. Mask.

President Vladimir Putin’s comments came a day after Pesco praised Russia’s quality of the Sputnik-V vaccine, saying Europeans were coming to Russia rather than being injected with products approved by the European Pharmaceuticals Agency.

“People from European countries come and prepare the Sputnik vaccine with us and then they buy the Pfizer vaccine certificate,” he said during Voltaire’s annual forum.

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Mr Putin has ordered a week-long holiday in Russia from October 30 to November 7 (the anniversary of the October Revolution), amid an explosion in the number of cases and deaths. Moscow City Hall will close all non-essential services, businesses and businesses for eleven days from October 28th.

The government figure has now reached 228,453 deaths, making Russia the most miserable country in Europe. But these data are often underestimated, and the statistics agency Rosstad estimates that more than 400,000 people died by the end of August.

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