After the USA, Canada and Japan, the brand “Piacentino – Piacentina” on PDO cured meat is also present in Chile

After the USA, Canada and Japan, the brand “Piacentino – Piacentina” on PDO cured meat is also present in Chile

Consorzio di Tutela salami Dop Piacentini’s trademark portfolio has been enriched by a new international registration. In fact, the Chilean Patent and Trademark Office has registered the collective trademark “Piacentino Piacentina”. Communications have recently reached the offices of the consortium that has been following this recording for some time through the collaboration of the “Rosso Borghero” studio.

«This important result – explains the President of the Consortium for the Protection of Salome Dopp-Piacentini Antonio Grossetti – satisfies and rewards the commitment of the Consortium to protect its communities. As is known, PDO protection is valid in the community area, but not in third markets ».

Doctor. Borghero of the studio Rosso Borghero IP Consultancy, a well-known expert in the sector, who supervised the entire procedure for registering the trademark “Piacentino – Piacentina” also for Chile, underscores how “as of today, the consortium has an important competitive instrument to encourage the export of products to Strategic market such as the United States, Canada, Japan and now also Chile The benefits of the result achieved will be appreciated, on the one hand, in terms of promotion because the brand will certify consumers These countries marked cured meat is an expression of a historical production tradition linked to the local culture and which is guaranteed by strict compliance with production regulations And, on the other hand, in terms of protection where today there is a title that allows the prevention or suppression of misuse or illegal use of PDO harmful to the supply chain.

Today the Italian-sounding phenomenon is worth over one hundred and twenty billion euros and affects mostly all food categories and is delicately articulated with messages that evoke the Italian spirit through the use of wordings, colors and names that can have misleading aspects in consumer purchases. The real danger, as has happened with other very important Italian products, is that processed meats unrelated to our three PDOs could be marketed in countries outside the European Union with names that evoke our brands. Ironically, if this happened in those countries, it would not be possible to market our PDO products under their true denominations “Coppa Piacentina, Salame Piacentino, Pancetta Piacentina”. We see every day how many attempts to imitate Piacenza’s brands.
At the moment, for example, the consortium has an international lawsuit with Colombia and has just resolved a problem of this kind with Argentina, where a local company tried to register a trademark for its cured meat with the words “Piacentino Placer Argentine”.

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