She was kidnapped in 2013, after nine years she escaped torture and returned home. But for her comes a sad surprise

She was kidnapped in 2013, after nine years she escaped torture and returned home.  But for her comes a sad surprise

After nine, a 16-year-old girl came home. Since January 2013, Pooja has been missing after a couple lured her on her way to school and served her ice cream. False kindness that hid a to kidnap. The girl, who was seven years old at the time, was able to return to her family thanks to a miraculous escape last August 4. Today, Pooja God, a teenager, can hug his mother again, whenever he wants, at his home Mumbaiin India. “I have given up hope of finding my daughter. The gods have been so kind to me,” said the mother of the 16-year-old. BBC.

“His mother died,” they organize the funeral, then the shocking discovery: the deceased was a bed neighbor

The amazing story

To kidnap the girl, Harry and Sonny D’Souza, unable to have a child, decide to make an extreme decision, a crime, and take the daughter of others. In January nine years ago, Pooja was living with her two brothers and parents in a house in a suburb and poor district of Mumbai. That morning, she went to school with her older brother, but the two quarrelled and her brother went to school leaving her alone behind. It was then that the couple seduced her, promising to buy her ice cream. The kidnappers took her from her hometown, first to Goa and then to Karnataka in the western states of India, and to prevent her from escaping or crying, they threatened to harm her. The girl for a short time managed to enter the school, but after the couple had a child of their own, she was withdrawn and moved to Mumbai.

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Archie’s mother, who died at 12: “I didn’t have time to save him. Someday we’ll be together again”

Ongoing violence in the home

After the birth of the child, his living conditions worsened. “They beat me with a belt and kicked and punched me. Once they hit me with a rolling pin so hard that my back started bleeding. I was also made to work 12 to 24 hours outside the house.” But fate went to Pooja, because his new home was close to his family’s; However, the girl was without money, no phone, did not know the streets and was always under surveillance.

good fate

One day, Pooja managed to get her hands on the sleeping couple’s cell phone and wrote her name on YouTube, where she found videos of her kidnapping and numbers she could call for help. It was then that he decided to seek help and run away. To help her, a 35-year-old domestic worker was living with her kidnappers and, after 7 months of the decision, allowed her to escape. In fact, the woman called one of the numbers on YouTube and organized a video call with Pooja’s mother, who, after 9 years, was able to get to know her, thanks to a hidden desire that only the mother knew and organized a meeting for her appeal. with self.

sad discovery

The man who took Pooja from his family is now accused of kidnapping, threatening, physical violence and violating child labor laws, but for the 16-year-old girl, besides the love of her mother in a difficult economic situation, there is nothing in addition to the tenderness of his father who died months ago of cancer,

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