How to defend yourself from the unanswered episode

the telephone scams They did not retire. On the contrary, it seems to be on the rise lately. If you received one in these days or within the last few days An unanswered episode From a certain number, you may be a victim of Wangerie. You’re probably wondering what it is, and once you find out, you’ll definitely want to know how to stand up for yourself.

Let’s start by giving a definition to this phone scam, because in this area should be classified. This is a strategy used by cybercriminals to trick people into calling a phone number back. The goal is to charge calls to Expensive phone services Or activate subscriptions to premium services.

In practice, the poor poor guy gets a call on his smartphone that he can’t answer because it immediately cuts off. Noticing an unfamiliar phone number, call back to find out who called. Once the call is initiated, the user is automatically transferred without their knowledge to A’s phone number premium.

This is part of telephone scams The toughest that I found. Even the victim can incur costs exceeding 2 euros in a few seconds. Some ended up with Unwanted subscriptions For high-cost services with amounts exceeding 50 euros per week. How do you defend yourself against these dangers?

Telephone scams: how to defend yourself from wangiri

Wangerie is a Japanese word that immediately defines the way a ring and pieces work. It seems to be so called because it was originally spread in this country and then became a practice used all over the world, especially in Italy. To protect yourself from these telephone scams It is necessary to pay maximum attention and implement some precautions.

  • Check the caller’s area code. Interpol discovered that this practice usually hides behind numbers starting with +373 (Moldova), +383 (Kosovo) and +216 (Tunisia).
  • Avoid calling phone numbers you don’t know, especially if it’s theirs area codes They are from other countries. Also, be patient and wait for one call again. If this does not happen, then there is a serious scam behind it.
  • Check the number you received the ring from Through the portal provided by Agcom This is to see if it is registered in the Telecom Operators Register.
  • Protect your personal data while browsing the Internet NordVPN. Its encrypted tunnel will make your connection 100% anonymous to avoid online threats and prying eyes ready to steal your phone number to terminate telephone scams.
  • participation in Public register of objections To avoid falling victim to brutal call center telemarketing. You will be able to register your mobile phone number as well as your land line number.
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