Alpine A290_β: take a closer look at it, because it’s below the Renault 5

Alpine A290_β: take a closer look at it, because it’s below the Renault 5

dual regression – In 2024 reissued Renault 5, which will be electric only. And as in the past, this model will be joined by the Alpine-branded sport variant, which will hit the market shortly after. Unlike in the past, we will no longer talk about Renault 5 Alpine, but about Alpine A290, because the French sports brand will go “on its own” and build a real – all-electric – range that will go far beyond the current A110. Indeed, a sporty version of the Renault 5 will be followed by a compact crossover in 2025, the successor to the A110 in 2026, and two more larger crossovers in 2027 and 2028.

Understandable but not much And for the A290, Alpine today presented the prototype, whose name bears the extension β to emphasize that it is not just a ‘first idea’, but an advanced evolution towards what will be the final car. Obviously, the all-carbon body will not be re-proposed for obvious cost reasons, but overall, the body line lets us take a look at the finished side, even if it’s onAlpine A290_β There are extreme width superstructures and disguised rear doors, which instead will be present in the model to be marketed.

Projectors and absolute frames – On the other hand we will find, almost unchanged, the auxiliary headlights, inspired by the Alpine lamps that won Marches in the seventiesThe wheels will be 19 inches, not 20 as in the concept.

outside the cockpit – If the external view is provided by A290_ It allows you to guess what it will be likeAlpine standard – But Renault 5 – the interior is quite “imaginative”: the driver’s seat is central, hard-to-reach and flanked by two outboard seats that set back slightly from the other passengers. The seat belts are of the racing type and the rear sofa is missing, in the place of which there is a rotating bar, to expect the car to be in a very “bad” position.

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Racing equipment – the hardwareTo a minimum, it is limited to a head-up display which provides some pointers needed for virtual on-track use. On the leashThere are the controls most commonly used, which have a vaguely hexagonal shape, while others are hovered over the windshield. Inside is also a rally-inspired handbrake lever.

override the task – On the other hand, on a bridgeAlpine A290_β There is a command that activates the function”excel“,” which means “above”. Pressing it modifies the vehicle’s parameters to allow maximum performance for 10 seconds. After that everything automatically returns to the original configuration so as not to affect autonomy. This solution will already appear on the A290 and future Alpines.

single drive – On the other hand, very little was expected from the mechanics. L’Alpine A290_β multiply Two electric motors Front, one for each wheel, but both A290 as standard, both Renault 5, will have only one, which is likely to be related to the Renault Mégane E-Tech that develops 218 hp. But who knows, maybe it’s a little vitamin-packed in the Alpine variant.

custom structure – However, Alpine engineers promise that A 290 It will have a significantly different behavior than its sister Renault, for sure Geared towards sporty driving. After all, the platform used, namely the CMFB-EV, features independent rear suspension, which is an unusual improvement for this class of vehicle and leaves plenty of room for road behavior customization.

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