Allegri takes notes for Juventus

Allegri takes notes for Juventus

Turin – The teams break gave the team some rest Juventus And Massimiliano cheerful, climbed the dock after recent defeats. It is international matches in particular that give morale to the players, who seem to be reborn by changing their shirts. Talk about it with Fabio to support From the editorial board. Meanwhile, Mathjes de Legitfor example, sits on the bench, first in Bayern and then in the Netherlands: “previously. It must be said that the orangery does not regret leaving the Bianconeri, but it is bright not far from Turin. Speaking of defense, we can’t help but mention Liu Bonucci that with Italy he found himself, in short, regenerating himself as he had promised. Enthusiastic and relentless leader in the three-man defense: Allegri takes notes. with to the side toluy And the ImmatureThe captain kept the department awake and baked the perfect pass to send Jack to the net raspaduri. jewel. Bremer He made his debut in Brazil where he played the second half against Ghana (3-0 win): Many regards to Italy and Mancini He would gladly record it. Security, Gleeson, Close to Militao And the Marquinhos. At Juventus, and it will not be new, so we can insist that the rear guard be in three: Bonucci in the middle, Danilo and Bremer in the side“.

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Juventus, Bonucci and Bremer’s recovery. And De Ligt makes the seat…

Messi brothers In Argentina, beating Honduras 3-0, Angel Maria Located on: “Instead, Leandro plays from the start Paredes Which in the end makes up 97% of successful passes, practically a master of accuracy or magician as they call it. The secret is to raise the center of gravity. And with Albiceleste it works, and how“.Another suggestion to the Juventus coach…

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