Allegri after the Juventus-Udinese match, press conference and interviews: enjoy the live broadcast

Allegri after the Juventus-Udinese match, press conference and interviews: enjoy the live broadcast

Massimiliano Allegri He commented live on television and at the press conference Juventus-UdineseValid until the twenty-fourth day of LeagueWhich ended with a result 1-0 For the benefit of the guests: Re-read the statements of the coach and the match champions.


Cambiasso to DAZN: “The boos don't surprise me”

Cambiasso added and concluded: “We are Juventus, burdens and honour. Here if we draw it seems like a tragedy. We have one point in three games, people are used to a certain type of results. Today it went like this and I am not surprised,” he booed. They exist. Inter are more experienced, they have played more important matches. “We have to stay united but I have no doubt, the group is great.”


Cambiasso to DAZN: “Now there is no need to panic”

Cambiasso to DAZN: “No one expected a match like this in terms of results. We lacked the determination in attack to score goals. In the second half we were slow and they closed the ball well, we should have moved the ball faster. We are working on our way, and this is what we want.” “It is to reach the Champions League. We found ourselves fighting against Inter, but now we continue our journey calmly without panic because we missed three matches. We need to work calmly and clearly. I feel comfortable in all areas of the pitch. I like playing with the ball, and I try to cover the right positions and provide “My best.”.


Cambiasso to Sky: “A clear decline”

Cambiasso on Sky: “We lacked a bit of determination in attack and a bit of luck. In the second half they finished the game well, we had to turn the ball over quicker. We have a journey to go. We have 53 points so far and we have to keep going.” “Stay calm as the coach said. Now we have to react and keep working, we need confidence. Relegation is clear, a point in three games is not a lot, but I think it is a matter of episodes. I deal with my teammates and important staff, I do not have a preferred role”.


Cioffi to DAZN: “Proof of great mental strength”

Ciovi to DAZN: “This evening is a reward for the determination shown by the boys to believe in my ideas and the way I work. The boys have struggled incredibly well, they have all done very well, those who started from the beginning and those who joined from the bench. “Gianetti has brought balance, reading and experience. The boys have always maintained a proactive attitude, never short of work. Today they had great mental strength. The physical aspect is prevalent with many young and talented players, and I am happy for them. “Starting again after 2-2 and 2-3 in stoppage time is not easy. Okoye? It was not a surprise to see him play with his personality. I am lucky to have 3 strong goalkeepers.”.


Allegri talks about Vlahovic's absence

Allegri added at the press conference and concluded his speech: “The absences are not noticeable, so far the team has played and scored points with and without Vlahovic, Danilo and Chiesa.”.


Allegri in the press conference regarding Chiesa and Locatelli

Allegri in the press conference about the changes of Chiesa and Locatelli: “Federico played a good game, I said to myself, let's go in to Ealing and then Seri so maybe something will come out of his cross. Nicolosi is a footballer, I've put him in some set-piece situations. However, now comes the difficult task.” Partly because as long as I win, everything will be easy.”.


Allegri in the press conference: “In line with the goals of the season”

Allegri added at the press conference: “Making small talks at the moment is useless, it is a moment when we need to reset ourselves, and reach the Champions League quota quickly. We are aligned with the goals of the season, and the most important thing is to commit to the team built to win. “We tried to stay close to Inter, and now everything is not lost.”.


Allegri in the press conference: Defeat is not the result of a knockout in Milan

Allegri in the press conference: “This defeat is not the result of the defeat in Milan against Inter. Udinese is a physical team that slows down, once you are relegated it is difficult. We have lost two games in a row but the vision around the team should not change. Starting tomorrow we have to think about Saturday's match against Verona. We have to come back.” To score points.


Cioffi on Sky: “Well done to the boys, Gianetti the silent leader”

Sioufi on Sky: “The boys were good, we had some tough moments mentally but they never gave up. The game plan was executed with great effort because they are champions. Whoever came in played very well. Lautaro Gianetti is a silent leader, he doesn't talk much and he talks a lot.” “A lot of hits. He brought us a lot in the dressing room in terms of calm and serenity. These are the things that we missed because we are a fairly young team without making us regret two important absences like those of Pereira and Deulofeu. Another “The step was one of conviction and frustration for not accepting what The data says it. Then we kept working, knowing that we were close to the goal but not too close.”.


Allegri told DAZN about the lack of job opportunities for Alcaraz

Allegri concluded to DAZN: “In the last three weeks, it's the people who aren't playing who I have to bring in. In hindsight, we're not going anywhere. Alcaraz? I preferred to bring in other players because of the way the game was going. “We all like to win. We would have liked to stay on Inter's heels but if we are -7 with one more game, we have to be realistic.”.

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Allegri to DAZN: “Young people need to grow”

Allegri continued his analysis of DAZN by explaining: “Young players need to grow, I've had a lot of them come my way since I was at Milan and I know that very well. What happened against Udinese was just an accident. This moment could become very dangerous. We don't have to look.” “Inter played in the Champions League final last year, their self-esteem has increased and you can only congratulate them, but I congratulate my players because they are playing in an equally important tournament.”.


Allegri to DAZN: Congratulations to Inter and Inzaghi

Allegri continued to DAZN: “When Juve won nine championships it was because they were the stronger team. Just like with Inter now. The strongest team wins, that's normal. Scoring 60 points with one game less is an extraordinary result and congratulations must be given to Inzaghi.” “Milan will come back and it has happened. The moment of defeat has come. 53 points is a lot but we have to start grinding again.”.


Allegri to DAZN: “Sorry for the first defeat on our soil”

Allegri back on DAZN: “The entries were few and we made a lot of crosses from the attacking midfield. We did not break the deadlock and conceded a goal from a free kick. However, Udinese's numbers away from home should not be underestimated. We regret the first defeat at home.” “At home. We have to keep working. Keeping up with Inter was an important ambition, but I always said they were built to be at this stage since the Conte era. Last year we reached the Champions League, we know what happened and now we want to give back to everyone.”.


Allegri to DAZN: Udinese defends well

Allegri added to DAZN: “In the first half we played a good match technically. Udinese is a team that defends well and when you have the opportunity they have to score.”.


Allegri to DAZN: “A stupid goal was scored”

Allegri on DAZN: “We are going through a certain moment, we have scored a point in the last three games, but we must not lose sight of the seasonal target, which is the Champions League. We must reach the Champions League qualification quota as soon as possible. We have received our seasonal target, which is the Champions League. Goal “Fool. During these moments we grow.”.


Allegri to Sky: “Now we have to be more comfortable”

Allegri added to Sky: “There was a good chance from Yildiz but there's no need to complain. I'm disappointed that we couldn't win three games but we had a good first half: it was a slow game for Udinese as well. In the second half “In the first half of the year, we made it more Difficulty creating opportunities. Now we have to respond. One point in three matches? No one expected this but we have to accept it. Football should be taken as it is. Chiesa? Federico played a good game. “After two weeks of full training, we always expect important things from him. I have had worse moments in football, and now we need to be more comfortable.”.


Allegri to Sky: “Reset everyone and start again from Verona”

Allegri on Sky microphones: “During the year, there were these moments, at first we could not score any goal and we conceded. Udinese is a technical and physical team, it is not easy to face it. We still have to score many points to reach the Champions League.” “Reset yourself and start again from Verona. This team was built with players who do not have much experience to win the tournament. Sorry but we will respond. There is no need to be nervous now, we have to think about work.”.


Allegri is about to hit DAZN microphones

Allegri is about to arrive at the DAZN microphones: in two minutes he will speak live.

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Samardzic to DAZN: “The market? Happy to stay in Udinese”

While waiting for Allegri's arrival, Samardzic also spoke to DAZN: “We know that winning in Turin against Juventus is very difficult. We gave everything and we are happy. We wanted to give one hundred percent in all departments. Cioffi talked to us a lot because everyone was talking about me regarding the transfer market. “He asked me to keep I have to focus and do my best in training. Fortunately it's over now and I'm happy to stay at Udinese.”.


Samardzic to Sky: “I like playing against big teams”

While waiting for Allegri to arrive, Samardzic spoke to Sky: “We all know that it is difficult against Juventus at home but we gave everything and won. Giannetti's goal? We studied this situation and the result was perfect. We motivated like animals, we are happy. Winning always brings incredible confidence. Market? No.” “I don't want to hear anything, I just think about Udinese. I like playing against big teams.”


Who is Lautaro Gianetti, the winner of the Juventus-Udinese match?

Who is Lautaro Gianetti, who decided the match between Juventus and Udinese (Laws everyone)


Juventus – Udinese 0-1

allianz stadium l'Udinese Won thanks to a goal Giannetti In 25'. A second defeat in a row and the first defeat at home this season for Allegri's men who, after losing the head-to-head match, fell to -7 behind the leaders. Inter (One less game).

Allianz Stadium – Torino

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