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rome \aise\ – There is a common thread connecting a file United State to an island Ischia: Researchers and Immigrants at Bill Paisi Brand. in a loop italy house, Broadcast tomorrow Rai Italia and Rayplay Tomorrow, April 19, experiences and stories will be told.
So Silicon Valley “Made in Italy” will be in the forefront with management Roberta Amendola. In fact, companies, scientists and investment capital are concentrated in California: “The largest IT industry in the world. With our network of 4,000 people – he explains Cinzia Zuffada President of the Italian Scientist and Researcher Foundation in North America – We value the contributions of innovators, technologists, and researchers interested in working together between the United States and Italy, as well as networking between us.” Guest also from San Francisco Sergio Strozzithe Consul General of Italy who spoke about his work serving citizens moving abroad, in his case the 30,000 citizens who live and work in the San Francisco area: “In collaboration with the Embassy we created and coordinated Innovit, a startup company of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an innovative space that serves as a showcase of Italian excellence, of companies Emerging to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.Communication from Stanford University Alberto SaloH., Professor of Materials Science Maria Grazia RoncaroloProfessor of Pediatrics and Medicine.
The US-made “Casa Italia” episode continues “Ishamo”, an initiative signed by the Department of Outdoor Shows in RAI, which will land this time in the centers of Parano and Sierra Fontana. The first guest Dionigi Gaudioso, Mayor of Parañas, will present his territory and the specifics of Maronte Beach. space then a Viviana Pisanoreturned to Parano from Los Angeles, EA Luciana Fotolafrom Baranese, who works for “Radio Italia Semper Giovane” in Barcelona.
it will be Irene Econo, Mayor of Cirrara Fontana, to talk about the sea and spas, the combination that has made Ischia famous all over the world. Space, also in this case for expats – Lydia Scotto-Dabosco – He returned to his homeland, having lived in France and declared Ernesto Barrichelli who lives on Long Island, but feels like an Asian “from head to toe.”
Closing “Casa Italia” will be with music with the maestro Stefano Palatrici And Monica Marangoni who will open the studio doors a Victoria IannaconAccompanied by a guitar Andrew Garozzo.
New York/Toronto, April 19, 5.00 p.m
Los Angeles April 19, 2:00 p.m
BUENOS AIRES / SAN PAULO April 19th 6.00pm
Sydney, April 19th, 5.30pm
Beijing/Perth Apr 19 3.30pm
JOHANNESBURG, April 19th 3.45pm
Berlin, April 19, 3.45 p.m
Lisbon, April 19, 2.45pm. (aise)

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