About two dozen Junts MPs are calling on the party to expel Cristina Casul

continuity Christina Casol As a deputy the Junts are hanging by a thread. The complaint he submitted to Parliament on charges of sexual harassment against his parliamentary group It weighs like a slab between the joint deputiesThe vast majority of them are upset by this accusation. That is why he sent about twenty letters to the Secretary-General of the party, Jordi TurolTo the head of the parliamentary group and its spokesperson, Albert Pattet I Monica salesHe requests that Kasol be expelled from Junts group.

According to TV3, if she is finally expelled from the parliamentary group, She will not give up her membership and become an unaffiliated representative.

Some Kasol seat mates, close by Laura BorasThey considered that the representative would have confused political differences within the party with comments or positions that were considered harassment on the basis of gender.

The report commissioned by Parliament to an external company, and which TV3 was able to access, does not consider it proven that there was harassment on the basis of gender, but verifies, as it literally says, the work environment “where More cultural masculinity is ingrained And that there is tension in the parliamentary group and in the party.” He also points out the division of the group into two blocs, “with different proportions and shares in power… and with historical practices with a strong patriarchal basis.”

the report It was closed without any corrective action being taken The case was filed. Within the party leadership, controversy is heating up, and for this reason, the party wants to make a decision as quickly as possible.

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