WWE: The first day will take place, but the Govt situation in the US is getting worse

In recent times, the whole world has been dealing with the latest impact on the epidemic situation, i.e. the Omigron variant Govit-19. In sports, this creates serious problems for various NBAs, NFLs, etc. The NHL – National Hockey League – has suspended the championship until at least December 27 to control infections. Wrestling with all its shows and associations, small and large, is certainly no exception. It really discusses the choice WWE – At least temporarily – Continue with pre-determined plans and put on stage Day 1, Ppv airing on the first day of the year as planned.

Thoughtful or dizzy choice?

Govt is spreading within the McMahon Confederation – as reported Who Yesterday – plans did not seem to change even a drop. According to PW Insider, the company has opted to continue the tours it has already planned because the general opinion is that those infected with the virus will have ample time to isolate before the 1st day. During this time, the dates of the US tour remained the same. WWE will no longer have to perform routine tests of the entire list. However, the situation in the United States is completely different from city to city, so the company should definitely act accordingly. It has already been said that if things get as bad as in the past, for WWE it will often be a question of returning to shows. Thunderdome, WhenAEW Have to go back to register Daily location Jacksonville, Florida. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It must be said that the situation in the United States is stable, with the Omicron variant now representing almost 73% of victims; In New York alone, at one-month intervals, cases increased by + 640%.

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Renewed Day 1 Card

  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar
  • WWE Championship: Big E Versus. Seth Rollins v. Kevin Owens Versus. Bobby Lashley
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Uses vs. The New Day
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch
  • Edge vs. The Miss
  • Drew McIntyre Versus. Madcap Moss

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