The war will not end in the coming winter months

The war will not end in the coming winter months

(Teleborsa) – according to L.N States united war in Ukraine “It will not end in the coming winter months.” A spokesman for the National Security Council added, John Kirby, in a virtual briefing with the press. Kirby also said that the United States is preparing to send a New weapon pack In Kyiv while reports that appeared in the newspapers about the delivery have not been confirmed Patriot. “We are always transparent about the arms packages that we have sent and will send to Kyiv. We are preparing another one and continue to give preference to anti-aircraft defense systems, but that’s all I can say,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on A cable diplomat Sent on September 6 to the State Department from the US Embassy in Kyiv and disclosed by Politico, the United States will have difficulty tracing billions of dollars. helpsMilitary and non-military of Ukraine. US officials, according to the cable, are using everything from blockchain technology to Ukrainian soldiers to try to determine where the money flow is really going but there are many hurdles. Among these, a few Senior executives The Americans In the field and various safety limits on their movements. It will also be difficult to find contractors willing to work in high-risk areas or to arrange face-to-face meetings with them. Officials governmentand civil society leaders and other recipients of funds. According to Politico, the Biden administration intends to appoint a law firm to implement a special three-year initiative aimed at overseeing the aid.

Meanwhile, in the course of the war in Ukraine, tightening Penalties and hit attacks He. SheMoscow is preparing for one possibility Separation From world wide webWhether it is a defensive initiative decided by the Russian authorities or a measure imposed from abroad. According to the Russian newspaper Kommersant Last March, the Kremlin looked to isolate the Russian internet from the rest of the world, after launching the “special military operation” in Ukraine, and also revealed that several cybersecurity exercises had been conducted this year with the participation of banks and telecoms. Operators and the largest Internet companies to independently test the ability of the Russian network to operate.

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The newspaper quoted the deputy prime minister Dmitry Chernyshenko He said the number of cyber attacks increased by 80 percent this year. Dmitry Chernyshenko stressed that “if last year the financial sector was the main target, then this year the public sector is the target.”

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