A raffle will be held for 15 apartments for social rent in Horta in the summer

A raffle will be held for 15 apartments for social rent in Horta in the summer

People registered in Register of applicants for public housing Barcelona could choose one of them 15 floors of enhanced official protectionIt is owned by the municipality and located on a street Granoller 25, To Horta. The registration process will open soon, and in the summer, once the final list of applicants is prepared, a lottery will be held. Later, A In the fall, the final award will be presented. Apartments for rent at affordable prices, Its area ranges between 43 and 90 square metres And they have Parking space and storage room.

Four-storey building

The building has Four plants The monthly rental price for homes is 9.23 euros per square meter I am from 2.31 euros For associated annexes (car parking and storage room). Of the 15 apartments, four apartments are designated for shared housing Living in the neighborhoods of Horta, Font d’en Fargues, Carmel, Villapicina and Torre Lupita Four others are under the age of 35. One is also intended for single-parent families and the other is for people with limited mobility.

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The apartments are located directly in front of the complex jardins de la Baixada Can Mateo, Which was opened a year and a half ago. It is a garden space that is not without controversy, because in order to build it two 19th-century houses, which were part of the house complex, had to be demolished.Island of Horta sinks. The overall project is located in the area where it was also built Four more blocks of private initiative In a similar building style.

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Three more blocks of private housing

The construction of sheltered apartments is part of a Total set of four blocks It was promoted by real estate group Vertix, which put it up for sale 37 other homes. The project occupies the island consisting of Granollers, Estoril and Llobregós streets and the Can Mateu slope, and is distinguished by its uniqueness with… Distinctive views of Rovira Hill And Collcerola. All apartments have large terraces and in the center of the residential complex there is a private garden area.

According to the ideal gateway, The cheapest apartment available is the one on the first floor, with 90 square meters and three rooms And price 525,000 euros. The most exclusive are those on the upper floors with mountain views. the attic Four bedrooms and 107 square meters Boxes It has come to 799.000 euros.

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