Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered Review

Tomb Raider 1-2-3 Remastered Review

We can finally tell you how much fun it was to get back exploring temples and caves like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered.

In writing Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered movie review starring Lara Croft We realize that almost 28 years have passed. It's not easy to define what Lara Croft represents today in the imagination of new generations of gamers, thanks to the reboot trilogy that began in 2013, but at the time Lara was the quintessence of video games.

One of the first heroines of Western development, a perfect blend of sensuality, charm, mystery, an intense spirit of adventure, and a straight-forward entry into a three-dimensional world. This is a remaster The job is more efficient than expected Precisely because it offers a dual point of view for enjoying timeless classics, able to take you back in time with the same effect as an old – but cheerful and carefree – family photo.

The same spirit as once

Daring situations, dangers, straight paths and a high probability of death: Lara is back!
Daring situations, dangers, straight paths and a high probability of death: Lara is back!

There's no point in me telling you what the Tomb Raider series stands for because if you're here, you already know. And no, what you think is dust rising from the shelf is nothing more than the dust of memories, emotions and little epiphanies that wake up as soon as the forests of the past appear shamelessly from the gamepad. Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Starring Lara Croft adds full analog circuit control, but no, don't you dare activate it because you'll miss out on almost the entire experience.

If you buy a game like this, it's yours Play it as it was intended In the 90s, right? We appreciate the additional option the team suggested, but if there's someone among these pages who may not have played it at the time, take note of this advice, because otherwise you'll miss out on all the geometry of the level design that gave life to the match-three map game.

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We have read everything in recent days, including criticism and praise for the modernization work that you can freely change with a simple push of a button: the truth is that the work done by the team was excellent and full of passion. Having said that we're talking about remakes and not remakes, the option to remake Lara's textures and models, while adding a bit of lighting and color contrast, is a winner: Streaming Video It conveys a lot of the spirit of the first Tomb Raider without distorting it, without stripping away that very dry, angular three-dimensional feeling, and those strange overlaps between parallelepipeds which, however, were ultimately subject to pure play. Tomb Raider is as honest a game today as it was then, a lot of fun above all thanks to the (unstable) 60 frames of the remastered mode that are very much at odds with the old mode, a product of an era where we didn't even know what it was. Tires.

Find puzzles

After nearly three decades, the puzzles of the first Tomb Raider are certainly more relevant, but you should never take anything for granted
After nearly three decades, the puzzles of the first Tomb Raider are certainly more relevant, but you should never take anything for granted

Obviously, an almost alienating element, but an interesting one – within the confines of the remaster – is to note the way in which traveling through the three game levels in the modern version infuses a blatantly outdated experience on the part of playing with so much respect. The team has found the perfect balance between aesthetic renewal and total adherence to the design of the past, allowing anyone to enjoy a ride made of Platforming, quest, exploration and puzzleseven if it could be solved much more easily than in the past (it's been 28 years…).

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“Respect for the original” are perhaps the most logical words to conjure in this new version: the same interlude scenes, dubbed in hilarious Italian in the second and third acts, follow those of the past with tremendous commitment, simply with the new models and Lara's new (perhaps very prominent) forms. .

The factor where we noticed a lot of work done is the time the game requires to perform actions: loadouts Literally instantaneousIt is an item that helps in a game where you die a lot and increases the quality of life. The same cannot be said about the visuals, which are outdated and often random as in the past: perhaps this is the only point where Asper could have done something more, since sometimes it comes down to the inability to play and control the character , but some might say that this is also outdated.


Digital delivery

Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop

29.90 euros

With Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered starring Lara Croft, not only can you create three timeless classics of your own, giving you a piece of polished video game preservation, but reliving the first Tomb Raider is a satisfying experience even today. Taking into account the limitations of games of the time, the adventurous spirit, platforming stages, perpetual survival background, and scenographic ideas and maps that still inspire today have been updated with a modern mantle that adds without subtracting. An honest, respectable and competent job, marred by the single flaw in a point of view that could perhaps have been better refined.

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  • The new look is a great homage to the old Tomb Raider game
  • Instant downloads
  • Complete and great set


  • The view is still very confusing

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