Apple’s October 30-31 event will be the big bang for the M3 processors

Apple’s October 30-31 event will be the big bang for the M3 processors

Apple’s Scary Fast event is on Tuesday, October 30 (5 p.m. PT).One on the morning of October 31, Italy) will feature Macs with M3 processors at their core. There is no single copy of the chip, As we thought until a few days ago, But almost the entire family: M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. This assumption comes from information gathered from several usually reliable sources, such as Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In the center will be the MacBook Pro

In fact, both Gurman and Kuo explicitly tell us that the presentation will focus on Mac hardware and not just the iMac M3 update, which has been talked about for months, and perhaps interspersed with some announcements related to the world of iPad.

Among Macs, most of the display will be reserved for the MacBook Pro in all its variants: 13-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch. This indicates that the M3 will be announced in all three major variants. Pointing out that the focus of the event will be on MacBook Pro devices, both Gurman and Kuo fThe year is a step behind their expectations a few days ago.

While it’s true that both have repeatedly confirmed that the processors are being tested (Gorman even provided details on the codenames for Macs equipped with M3 processors), both They have said that there will be no MacBook Pro M3 by the end of the year. Ko was categorical about this. Mark Gurman has gone so far as to predict that MacBook Pros with the M3 processor will launch in mid-2024.

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Risk of low availability

Gurman hasn’t told us why he’s scheduled the launch of the MacBook Pro with the M3 yet, the Chinese analyst explains instead, noting that The prediction that the MacBook Pro M3 will be delayed to 2024 came from the belief that factory productivity is low From which these processors come, it could have been advised not to launch them at the end of 2023.

According to some sources, M3 processors are currently rolling off production lines with very limited productivity. Let’s start with only 55% of processors being considered to meet the quality standards required by Apple.

If Apple changes its mind – as Kuo sees it – it is due to the fact that the M2 processor represents only a modest upgrade over the M1 processor and On the other hand, Apple urgently needs faster hardware.

“For this reason, the MacBook Pro with M3 processor will be available in limited quantities – comments Kuo – if sales are high there will be it will be To wait to get a car with this component.” If they perform poorly, Apple will have to launch a new MacBook Pro with a new design in 2025, while still evaluating the possible introduction of a budget MacBook in 2024.

Apple unveils MacBook Pro M2 Pro and Max with battery life never before seen on a Mac

What will the new processors be like?

But what will the new processors look like? In recent months, there has been talk of a basic Apple M3 device with 8 CPU compute cores and 10 GPU graphics cores. This may be the processor found in the 13-inch MacBook Pro and updated iMacs.

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The M3 Pro should deliver 4 additional CPU computing cores (12 or 14) and double the graphics cores. Currently, the MacBook Pro with the M2 Max chip can be had with 32GB, 64GB, and 96GB of unified RAM, so for the M3 Max, it’s reasonable to expect larger RAM allocations.

The M3 Max should deliver 16 CPUs and 32 or 40 GPUs.

Great emphasis should be placed on the graphic component.

The M3 chip will be mass produced in the second half of the year

What will the new Macs with Apple Silicon M3 chips look like?

And What new things can we expect from Macs? Analysts and deep throats say little or nothing about it. Only Gurman mentioned the iMac M3, noting that it would be identical to the model currently on the market and that the only new feature would be the processor.

It’s worth asking, at least with regard to the iMac, What processor are we talking about. In recent days, in fact, Gorman said that he was sure that the CPU would be an M3, but from Japan, Makotakara, who gets it right every now and then, said that the new iMac could have a M2 And M2 ProAnd support for Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.3. The M3 processor could be reserved (possibly in the Pro version) for a 32-inch “mega iMac”, which is scheduled to arrive next year.

From a design standpoint we go so far as to assume that Some news may arrive for the MacBook Pro 13″. This laptop has Stylistic canons and artistic contents are years old. In fact, it still has the same design as the model that launched with the Touch Bar in 2016, seven years ago, while all other Mac laptops have changed.

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Apple can (and should) Getting rid of both the Touch Bar and wide bezels and introducing Magsafe 3 alongside the M3 processor.

MacBook Pro M3, this might be the box

Confirmations of rumours

There are no confirmations on these rumors unless we are to look at the Weibo image (above) which should depict a Mac box as confirmation. However, we can read some clues. The first is the poster image of the event changing and transforming From apple to macOS Finder logo. From this we will have to conclude that In the center there will be some Macs.

The “claim” is scary fast In Italian it’s obviously scary fast Be a reminder of this time of year Where the event will be held (October 30 is the day before October 31, Halloween), And to perform what will be presented. It is clear that Apple will bet all its cards on the performance of the processors and we know that the M3 should feature much higher performance than the M2.

MacBook Pro M3, this might be the box

Finally, there’s evidence that we’ll see MacBook Pros and iMacs there We can find within delivery dates for current machines Which lasted from two days to two weeks, if not a month. The increase in delivery times is no guarantee that the new models are about to arrive but it certainly raises strong doubts.

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