5 ideas for creating a small coffee corner in the kitchen: neat and practical, but also very effective

5 ideas for creating a small coffee corner in the kitchen: neat and practical, but also very effective

Coffee corner lover? Today we reveal 5 ideas to create one with a great impact in your kitchen.

In recent years, more and more people have begun to enjoy the pleasure of drinking good coffee at home. The trend has led many to create real corners designed to accommodate cups, coffee machines, pods, jars and, in some cases, even sweets to accompany this sweet daily break.

If you also dream of doing the same but can't find the right idea, then you are in the right place. Today, in fact, you are We will reveal at least five ways to create a coffee corner Practical, tidy and able to win you over at first sight.

Ideas for creating a coffee corner in the kitchen

The first thing you do when you love Coffee in all its forms Your thinking about creating a coffee corner is to evaluate whether you use coffee capsules and thus with the machine or whether you prepare it using a moka. If in the first case you can position yourself anywhere, then in the second it may be more practical to create a corner near the stove.

Starting from this point you can use corner of kitchen countertop, Place a tablecloth under it outlining it and place the cups, the coffee jar, any sugar, and perhaps one containing the biscuits. If desired, you can also add some mug prints or some accessories that better indicate the area, making it special.

Create this unique coffee corner in your kitchen – (buttalapasta.it)

In the case of machine or American coffee The nook can also be created away from the stove and perhaps near the pantry. In this case, you only need a power socket. After determining the position of the coffee machine, you can think about the holder for capsules, cups and, again, any sweets. The same corner can also be organized on a custom-designed piece of furniture And ready to accommodate perhaps everything needed for herbal teas and teas or for breakfasts and snacks. An area that is enriched according to needs and that will make the home more comfortable.

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Then there is a choice Buy a small cart Where to put cups, anything else on top, teaspoons, napkins, sweeteners, etc… in the bottom drawer or shelf. This is also useful if you use the machine and are used to bringing coffee into the living room. Finally if there is space You can choose a fixed cabinet It should be dedicated only to the coffee corner and be enriched in a creative way by adding prints and decorations of a special character and everything that you might be happy to see while taking a rest.

Obviously, these are just some of the many ideas for a coffee corner that works and can be customized at the same time according to personal and family needs.

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