5 benefits you are missing

5 benefits you are missing

What are the advantages of using a shaft fan? Why would we value buying this model when we could replace it with a more modern, technical air conditioning system? Let’s also find out together how it works and how to adapt it in our environments.


5 benefits you are missing

with heat arrivalthe popular thought is Renovate the rooms of your home Through a continuously active ventilation or air conditioning system. Most of them prefer to use air conditioning system who – which In a short time I managed to lower the temperature inside the rooms thus somehow rebalancing the climate.

It must be said, however, that a choice of this kind It involves many problemsboth are on the level Energy consumption Whoever health. Air conditioners can be annoying because of their appearance Bronchitis, neck stiffness, and other muscle pain In addition, Generalization in the environment Mites and pollen Caused by completely unclean filters.

Solution for all that it is fanis often chosen In the column form for you to improve further use it. In fact, there are still many who prefer to update rooms with this device. In this article So we have put together all the given advantages Connected to the shaft fan.

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

1. Easy transportation with minimum bulk

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

Advantages A fan of the column, which interests those who buy it, is his Ease of transportation. Compared to an air conditioner that must be permanently placed in a room at a certain point, this fan model can be, as well as all fans (except ceiling fans) based on our needs. Compared to other types, it also allows us to Space optimization Since it contains a file Much smaller footprintFor example, to the more classic floor lamp model.

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We can then decide whether Put it in one room instead of another Depending on where we are Or whether it should be placed at different angles From the same to take advantage of the air displacement. It is very practical especially when passing by From day to night. If it is really In the first case we tend to put the fan in one place From the room that allows you to update everything, Overnight This should come placed at a distance from our bodies So as not to cause harm to health.

2. Suitable for outdoor space

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

Precisely because the shaft fan can be placed anywhere, It also adapts very practically to the outdoor space of the house. This is a feature Very useful for those who have space like balconybalcony or garden that likes cool during the day and which, perhaps, does not have the minimum dimensions to comfortably accommodate a free-standing fan (which is known to be more bulky).

Since the fan is opposite to the air conditioning It only collects air and tends to cool it In a more precise way, once placed in outer space At home you will be able to Create a gentle breeze This will allow us to live the moments outdoors more calmly.

Also in this case, taking into account ease of transportation, We can consider placing it in the most comfortable outdoor environment for us.

3. Calm

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

Column fanscompared to classic ceiling or floor lamps, They have no blades For this very reason They bring with them another outstanding feature, which is noise reduction. Compared with many other models, but also with the same air conditioner, these items Quieter and therefore more suitable for night use as well or moments of rest.

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Exactly for this qualityColumn fan can be Also used in the newborn’s room To gently refresh the environment. In this area, in fact, the use of air conditioner or a The paddle fan will be unpopular Precisely because it can Cause serious health damage From the baby. With the shaft fan, on the other hand, we can overcome this problem and, moreover, keep it running for a longer time.

4. Convenient for cleaning

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

If we take into account Ongoing maintenance that requires rotating fans or air conditioners We will immediately notice a Another advantage of column fanor the Ease of cleaning. To keep the environment always healthy, in fact, it is necessary air conditioner filters be constantly cleaned. In this way, all mites and pollen can be removed from them, as well as dust that, over time, can be released into the circulatory system.

until the ceiling fan Not exempt from continuous maintenance. On this actually It will tend to collect various dust which will then be put up for trading at the time of its operation. Similar thinking can be made for floor fans.

The shaft fan Instead it is provided with an extension Easy-to-clean mesh system Thanks to the use of a Microfiber cloth or dust-proof quilt. Its shape also allows you to Collect less dust, pollen and mites Compared to other models, therefore, introducing only clean air into the circulation.

5. Customize your settings

Shaft fan: 5 specific advantages

Column fans are not to be underestimated advantage Customize Settings. These devices can actually be adapted to our different usage needs.

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Offers most of the popular models Possibility to set up to three different types of speed. Another advantage isVertical and horizontal oscillation To be activated at the same time to be able to homogeneously update the entire environment. Do not underestimate the possibility of Set a timer to use at night To be able to deactivate the device once the entire room has been properly refurbished.

Column fan ideas and photo gallery

Comfortable and practical to use in any room of the house, the column fan is an essential summer ally. In this photo gallery, we have collected some advantages.

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