Arthur, I am reluctant to sign but there is optimism. Point on conversions. Viola Garden and … Politics

Arthur, I am reluctant to sign but there is optimism.  Point on conversions.  Viola Garden and … Politics

Kayode can stay, other incoming operations are on standby, Stadium theme: Tuesday’s opener

Works for Arthur

A meeting between Fiorentina and Juventus is scheduled for this evening to finalize a loan agreement for Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo, which the Viola and Bianconeri directors have been discussing remotely for a few days. The general agreement already existsThe player gave his consent and spoke to the Italian coach, it’s a matter of putting all the details on paper. The main obstacle concerns engagementFiorentina does not want to exceed two and a half million euros, as is the case for all other first-class players, and Juventus will have to guarantee the remaining part of the current Brazilian salary, that is, another three million or so. The loan must be free With the possibility of final purchase and the refund amount must be specified, Between fifteen and twenty million.

There is optimism, and the conversation between coach and player was an important motivator, but it’s clear that when it comes to numbers, it’s never automatic. Certainly Arthur is not part of Allegri’s plans and Juventus need to find accommodation that the player likes, just as the Bianconeri still owe Viola B. Great number to buy Vlahović It is easier to deal with the future of give and take. Bottom line: is Arthur really purple? Currently not, but there are great possibilities and optimism on all sides. Should be closed between tonight and tomorrow. But what is the process? The discussion has already taken off and it is clear that the usual suspects immediately seized the opportunity to shoot … (Guccini docet), without knowing the player and without knowing what had happened to him in the last three years.

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Arthur arrived in Juventus from Barcelona in an exchange with Pjanic, with a huge value of seventy million, in exchange for Surrey will Which, however, was torpedoed at the end of the season despite the scudetto. I say this to emphasize that Italiano plays football similar in principle to Sarri’s, but also for Barcelona where Arthur was signed to replace Xavi, so the technical characteristics are perfect. Arthur is a highly technical professional player, he also knows how to defend by attacking the ball, He must play in tight spaces He is at his best when his comrades look up to him the most. It is clear that in the satire of rebounding football, which Allegri’s Juventus play in long runs, but also in the game of Liverpool to recover and restart in spaces, a player like Arthur did not make sense. He’s played little in the past three years and that’s true, but he’s short and He has no athletic problems And as his mentality is, he’s someone who fights and doesn’t give up, and he certainly didn’t let himself go to Jovic, just for him to understand. He’s not very fast, but he needs the team around him to move without the ball to develop intrigue and become effective. Maybe New Torreira Or the Jorginho that Sarri had at Napoli, the low point of a three-man midfield, but with Mandragora protecting him and Italian football, he could also stay in a two-man line.

bet? Risks? As in all players to enter. Even Torreira, two years ago, came from seasons on the sidelines at Arsenal and Atlético. What is not discussed is the quality of the player (twenty times Brazilian international) and The technical characteristics are very suitable for Fiorentina football. I think he can raise the quality and character of the whole team, as he asks for the new Italians and with 27 years to go, he still has a long career ahead of him. In the meantime, let him arrive, and then we’ll see. In the hands of the Italian, the first Barcelona midfielder could return.

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