Lazio – Atalanta | Official formation: Tati is there, Casale returns in defence

Lazio – Atalanta |  Official formation: Tati is there, Casale returns in defence

Everything is ready for the match between the Biancocelesti and Atalanta: possible options for Sarri and Gasperini in the eighth round of the Italian League

Updated 2.00 PM – The official selections of Maurizio Sarri and Giampiero Gasperini have arrived. Sarri’s defense changes again with Casali returning in place of Patrick and Hisay winning the replay with Pellegrini.

Lazio (4-3-3): Providel. Marošić, Casale, Romagnoli, Hessay; Guendouzi, Rovilla, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Castellanos, Zaccagni.

available: Sepe, Mandas, Lazzari, Patrick, Gila, Pellegrini, Camada, Vecino, Assi, Cataldi, Isaksen, Pedro. everyone.: Maurizio Sarri.

Atlanta (3-4-1-2): Moso; Scalvini, Djemseti, Kolasinac; Zappacosta, De Roon, Ederson, Ruggeri; Pasalik. De Kettilairi, Skamka.

available: Carnesecchi, Bakker, Adobo, Hateboer, Holm, Kopmeinerz, Lookman, Miranchuk, Morel, Palomino, Rossi, Zortia. everyone.: Giampiero Gasperini.

Starting over from the euphoria of the first success in the Champions League Speed ​​up in the tournament too. Seven points in as many matches is not up to the standard of the team or what has been shown in flashes so far. Atalanta exam It’s not the easiest and that’s why you’ll need capital testing. A renewed team will arrive at the Olimpico, and so will the national team Lazio, of European success reached Lisbon. Ready to change Sarri, but in moderation: he is untouchable in goal Providel. The couple is toward reaffirmation PatrickRomagnoli Seen in the Champions League. However, there are doubts about the bands with Marošić In preparation for returning to the right during the run-off between Al-Haysaj and Pilgrims, with the latter advancing slightly. Untouchable LouisAlberto In the midfield with Rovella Ready to get back to directing. Ballot instead on the center left between Guendouzi And Vicino. In attack, thanks to the loss of Immobile, he is ready Castellanos To obtain the second consecutive title in the Italian League. Zakagne And Felipe To complete the trident.

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Lazio (4-3-3):Providil; Marusic, Patrick, Romagnoli, Pellegrini; Guendouzi, Rovilla, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Castellanos, Zaccagni.

tobenefit.: Sepe, Mandas, Lazzari, Casali, Gila, Hisay, Camada, Cataldi, Vecino, Isaksen, Pedro. everyone.: Maurizio Sarri.

Atlanta (3-4-1-2): moso; Kolasinac, Djemseti, Scalvini; Ruggeri, Ederson, De Roon, Zappacosta, Koopmeineers, Lookman, De Ketelaer.

available: Carnesecci, Rossi, Holm, Palomino, Packer, Adobo, Zortia, Pasalic, Hateboer, Mirancuk, Skamaca, Muriel. everyone.: Giampiero Gasperini

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