1200 euros in the account of those lucky Italians who will receive it in a few hours

1200 euros in the account of those lucky Italians who will receive it in a few hours

Have you ever had problems with your car under warranty? Do you know who has to pay for repairs when it comes to car defects? If you are one of the many Italians who have had to face this situation, this news is sure to interest you. These lucky Italians will have €1,200 in their account.

1200 euros on the account – oipamagazine.it

Altroconsumo, the Italian consumer protection association, File a class action lawsuit Regarding the defects of the car. Here’s the good news, soon some lucky Italians will have €1,200 back in their account. Read on for all the details on this important development And if you can be one of the beneficiaries of this staggering amount.

Who is responsible for compensating consumers?

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a defect in your car, you’ve probably wondered who should pay for repairs. It is a legitimate and understandable questionbearing in mind that buying a car is often one of the most important investments in a person’s life.

In theory, when you buy a new or used car with the warranty still in effect, you can expect any technical or vehicle problems Defects are covered by the manufacturer. After all, a warranty is a kind of promise that the car will work properly or else it will be taken away measures to solve the problem At no additional cost to the vehicle owner.

However, unfortunately this is not always the case. Consumers often encounter frustrating situations that require costly repairs Even during the warranty period. And here doubts and disagreements arise, who should really pay for these reforms? The consumer or the manufacturer of the defective vehicle?

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This issue led Altroconsumo to act, and it has, in fact, moved forward A class action lawsuit specifically targeting defects Cars under warranty. This Italian non-profit organization decided to take paper and pen (figuratively speaking) to put an end to the grievances of many owners of faulty cars.

Altroconsumo filed a class action: 1,200 euros on account

Altroconsumo, Italy’s consumer protection organization, is always at war when it comes to defending motorists’ rights. newly, They filed a class action lawsuit against car manufacturers Citroen and Peugeot for problems relating to car repairs at the expense of customers.

1200 Euro Citroen and Peugeot
1,200 euros Citroën Peugeot – oipamagazine.it

This legal action was initiated after numerous reports to the antitrust and a warning sent at the European level about the defects Of the diesel cars produced by these two automakers. In fact, some models have malfunctions in the AdBlue anti-pollution system, which causes harmful gas emission anomalies.

Italian motorists who own or own Citroen or Peugeot diesel registered since 2015 Forward can participate in the class action lawsuit promoted by Altroconsumo. Even those who have not yet encountered problems with Adblue tank are invited to join the initiative.

The most interesting news for these lucky Italians is that they will soon have 1,200 euros in their bank account. Compensation for the inconvenience suffered. This amount represents not only economic compensation, but also an acknowledgment of the need for consumers to be protected and supported when purchasing a new vehicle.

Altroconsumo appears again To be on the side of Italian citizens in the fight against deceptive business practices and product defects. Thanks to their determination, Citroen and Peugeot owners will finally be able to get the compensation they deserve.

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These Italians will have 1,200 euros in the account

Finally, some good news for some lucky Italian drivers! Within a few hours, 1,200 euros will be credited to their bank account. But what is behind this unexpected gift? It seems so The result of a long legal battle against some of the major auto manufacturers.

As many know, car defects can cause not only discomfort But also an additional expense for customers. That’s why organizations like Altroconsumo They are constantly fighting to protect the rights of consumers And trying to get proper compensation when something goes wrong. Anti-pollution abnormality has become a recurring problem for Many owners of Citroen and Peugeot cars. This situation has resulted in additional expenses for repairs and maintenance needed in order to keep the cars in compliance with environmental regulations.

Cash – oipamagazine.it

In practice, it is an additive intended for particulate filters. The concerned body issued a joint warning against two car manufacturers, in cooperation with consumer organisations It belongs to the Euroconsumers groupIt is present in Belgium, Spain and Portugal. This notice is intended for all owners or former owners of registered Citroen or Peugeot diesel vehicles from 2015 onwards, which are equipped with Adblue.

AdBlue, also known as DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), An essential component for diesel cars Equipped with SCR catalytic converter. This system is very effective in reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and is very popular in newer cars.

Why do emissions checks and AdBlue

Catalyst operation is a well-defined and transparent process. It is based on the introduction of an agent called AdBlue, which consists of a solution to 32.5% of technical water and urea within the spillway. This substance plays a major role in reducing harmful emissions.

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At temperatures above 200°C and in the presence of water vapor, the urea in AdBlue turns into non-toxic ammonia and carbon dioxide. Then the ammonia reacts with nitrogen oxides, which is mainly responsible for air pollution and the generation of nitrogen and water. The chemical reaction process significantly reduces the level of emissions.

However, it is important to keep in mind that problems can arise with this process. Therefore, it is needed Regular checks to ensure that the catalyst is working properly. These checks may include checking the AdBlue concentration, Clean the catalyst from any build-up of unwanted materials and a visual inspection to detect any damage or malfunction in the system.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out proper maintenance of the exhaust system as a whole, such as replacement Periodic cleaning of filters and cleaning of components, in order to ensure optimal performance of the catalyst and ensure less impact on the environment. These inspection and maintenance procedures are necessary to maintain catalyst efficiency and reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

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