May 30, 2023

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சிப்வார். DSMC boss says US investment is not enough

As U.S. lawmakers seek to invest $ 52 billion in the U.S. chip sector, the founder of a Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company says the plan is too small to rebuild a complete supply chain in the country.

Morris Chang, a U.S. citizen who founded the Taipei-based company, says it would be impossible for the United States to have a full-fledged marine chip supply chain at any cost, and that such a move would not be financially desirable anyway.

“If you want to re-establish a complete semiconductor supply chain in the United States, it may not be a viable task (…) to spend hundreds of billions of dollars, but you can see that the supply chain is incomplete. Said at a technology industry forum in.

The United States accounted for 37% of global semiconductor production in the 1990s, but dropped to 12%, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association. Nikkei.

While Washington has high reliance on Taiwan, it has been campaigning to bring more chip production to American soil. The U.S. Senate passed a $ 52 billion bill this year to support national semiconductor manufacturing and R&D, although the package has not yet become law.

Chang, who retired from Tsmc in 2018, said there were personal interests behind his desire to build a production chain on the coast. Intel CEO Pat Kelsinger argues for greater production in the United States, “not safe in Taiwan and not safe in South Korea,” and hopes to raise funds from Intel’s $ 52 billion grant package.

Chang’s comments were the first direct and public discussion of Washington’s efforts to restructure semiconductor production. His criticism comes in defiance of Tsmc’s move to build a chip plant in the US state of Arizona in response to the government’s campaign.

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Earlier, Zhang said government efforts around the world to increase chip production could backfire without specifying which countries. Europe, Japan (There Tsmc will build its first plant) And China are also preparing to increase coastal production, providing government assistance to ensure the chips stay within their countries.

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