Profile Paroxysm: Sitting down with Chris Douglas-Roberts, Part 2: Appreciation


Ed. Note: We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to bring you a one-on-one interview with Chris Douglas-Roberts. Longtime friend of the site, Fred Katz, had a lengthy chat over the phone with CDR this week. We’ve broken it up into three parts; this is the second part. Continue Reading

How Far Did the Apple Fall from the Tree?

contraction [kuhn-trak-shuhn] Part of Speech: noun Definition: drawing in; shortening Synonyms: abbreviation, abridging, compression, condensing, confinement, constriction, curtailment… Thesaurus “…one source with intimate knowledge of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies’ inner workings speculated that small-market-related economic hardships could… Continue Reading

‘Setting the Table’ for Next Labor Negotiations – Off the Dribble Blog –

With only 11 percent of players from 1998-99 still in the league, history could repeat itself. But Fisher thinks players today are savvier. “I think guys are fairly aware of what’s going on in our country and around the world,”… Continue Reading