Lion Face Lemon Face 3/2: Things in Denver Are Not Great

Lion Face Lemon Face

February is somehow already over and what is shaping up to be an incredible playoffs are on the horizon. Another terrific weekend of NBA basketball gave us plenty of Lion Faces and Lemon Faces. Without any ado whatsoever, let’s get to them. Continue Reading


Breakdown: Erik Spoelstra is a magical offensive wizard

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is one of the NBA’s best minds, using his personnel to the full extent of their abilities. The Heat have a non-traditional offense, and with it comes wacky sets, interchangeable pieces and myriad scoring options… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 12/12/10

We were really worried about the Miami Heat a while back. But now? Not so much, as the Heat won their eight in a row last night by beating the Kings, 104-83. Perhaps we should open up that “best record… Continue Reading

NBA Game Rankings: 11/28/10

In what is starting to become a trend, the Miami Heat lost again last night, as the Mavericks were simply too much for them to handle in Dallas. That moves the Heat to 9-8 on the year, and for those… Continue Reading

Erik Spoelstra’s Seat Just Got Warm

Think back to July 8th. LeBron James sat around with Jim Gray and made his decision. The man was taking his talents to South Beach. Woo-hoo! And then came the claims from some NBA analysts about how this could potentially… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Celtics-Heat Game 3: Seriously? You Didn’t See This Coming?

“Well, they have so many late game situations, I mean c’mon. If you go through their edit, there’s no pattern. They have so many proven 25-point game scorers on their roster that they just go with usually who the hot… Continue Reading

We’re All Pretty Bizarre. Some of Us Are Just Better at Hiding It, That’s All.

From top to bottom, the Miami Heat are a pretty captivating team. Dwyane Wade needs no introduction; he’s all-world, and if injuries hadn’t temporarily halted his career’s momentum, he would have single-handedly propelled the Earth into the sun. But as… Continue Reading