Derek Fisher’s Game Winning Layup to Beat the Clippers

The Clippers were so close to beating the defending champions. If you watched the second half of last night’s game, there were times where the Clippers were close to running away with the game. But they could never push the… Continue Reading

NBA Finals Lakers-Celtics Game 7: Hey, Look! It’s ANOTHER Game 7 Primer!

Holy crap! It’s Game Seven. GAME FREAKING SEVEN! This is what it’s all about. Instead of trying to find some clever way to tell you how big this game is even though you already know and you’ve already read about… Continue Reading

NBA Finals Lakers Celtics Game 7: A Legacy Equinox

There’s no more basketball after tonight. Not for five months, anyway. So you’d better enjoy this. These are the two best teams, according to the metric we use to determine that value (most wins from mid-April through June). So you’d… Continue Reading


Hmm? What’s that? The Conference Finals are still on? Ho ho ho. Silly person.  Let’s not waste our time, shall we? Look, I love the Suns. I think Steve Nash is a Hall of Famer and someone that many people… Continue Reading

Lakers have concerns despite sweep of Jazz

As the Lakers win Game 4 of their series with the Jazz tonight, completing the series sweep, they’ll enter the Western Conference riding a six-game winning streak. Even though they’ve played very well over that span, there’s still a looming… Continue Reading

One-eyed Nash comes through for the Suns

Well, the Phoenix Suns have done it. The Suns defeated the San Antonio Spurs Sunday night 107-101 to advance to the Western Conference finals. But they didn’t just beat them. They swept them into the dustbin. Despite constant rumors that… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Lakers-Thunder Game 5 Recap: They Crush Your Head

We knew they had it in them. It’s been pretty obvious the last couple of months that if the Lakers wanted to play basketball the intelligent way then they would have a lot more games like this. Instead, the Lakers… Continue Reading

NBA Playoffs Thunder-Lakers Game 3: Here’s How Russell Westbrook Killed A Man

Something I’ve been impressed with all year with the Lakers is their transition defense. They’re not just always up the floor and ready to pick up their man, but they have such good positioning. Teams try and force the issue… Continue Reading