Wiggins and Parker steal the show

Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The COX Pavilion is on its feet, and there’s no game going on. No massive slam or emphatic block raised every fan out of their seat, nor the pledge of allegiance. It was simply a couple of individuals warming up that focused the once idle, uninterested arena’s focus to the court. The two athletes are none other than Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, the 2014 Draft’s first and second overall selections.

These two being the reason that Vegas Summer League has managed to pack the COX Pavilion to its limit is no surprise, but the manner in which they stole the attention of every fan in the building was hair-raising.

Summer League isn’t where you’d expect to see huge displays of basketball fandom. Lots of Vegas-area fans show up because there’s no nearby NBA basketball for 11 months a year. Some fans are willing to travel a bit to check out some of their favorite team’s prospects. But to see no seat filled, fans clogging every crevice in the arena just to catch a glimpse of Wiggins and Parker,is a testament to how the two are viewed by the commoner.

Many believe Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are going to be the future of this league. And that future begins in a hysterical COX Pavilion.

David Vertsberger

David Vertsberger cares a little too much about basketball topics that few others discuss and basketball in general, probably. He also runs Brooklyn's Finest of ESPN's Truehoop Network and can be followed on Twitter at @_Verts.