Actor Judge Reinhold Doesn’t See Resemblance With Houston Rockets Center Omer Asik

A sweaty Judge Reinhold or a sweaty Omer Asik? Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets reserve big man, Omer Asik, has a very distinctive look and is often compared to looking strikingly similar to the actor Judge Reinhold. Reinhold has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows but is famously known for his role in the Beverly Hills Cop series and more recently for his bit role on Arrested Development. Asik seems to have never been asked about this resemblance to Reinhold but through Reinhold’s Twitter account we now know his thoughts on the matter:

The @JudgeReinhold account has the verified blue check mark next to his name which amazingly means you can actually interact with Beverly Hills Cop’s Billy Rosewood. Reinhold is all about fan interactions, as he not only responds to tweets directed at him but also searches his own name and responds to tweets that don’t even tag him:

Looks like Reinhold just cuts and pastes answers about their likeness and since Asik hasn’t tweeted since July 2013, he hasn’t responded to these tweets.

But you be the judge, do they look alike?


Or perhaps we should take this debate to the court room?

Above Asik/Reinhold image via CelticsLife.

Ananth Pandian

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