Mason Plumlee Blocks LeBron, Clinches Win For Nets (Video)

With under ten seconds remaining last night, the Heat got possession of the ball down one to the visiting Nets.

Driving up court, LeBron James found Rashard Lewis on his left and fed him with a bounce pass. Lewis, stymied by the Nets defense, got the ball back to the LeBron with about five seconds left. As the King went up for a potential game winning dunk, he was stopped cold by Mason Plumlee, who blocked the attempt and clinched the win for the Nets.


It certainly appears the LeBron gets fouled on the catch by a reaching Joe Johnson and that Plumlee shoves his off arm into LeBron’s midsection, but neither call was given. In cases like this, LeBron’s strength becomes a double-edged sword, as he is able to power through contact that others wouldn’t be able to, but also has fouls not called because of that very reason. A weaker player may have been more affected by the reach of Johnson or the off arm of Plumlee, leading to a foul call.

But in the end, this was just one regular season game and the Heat will still be fine in the playoffs.