Bonner on Bonner: The Matt Bonner Mailbag Answers Edition

Two weeks ago, our loyal readers thought long and hard about what they wanted to ask San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner, for the Hardwood Paroxysm Matt Bonner Mailbag. After a week of contemplation, Matt answered our readers’ questions below.

From Amil Delic: With all of the international players on the Spurs, have you gotten into soccer? 

I’m not saying there aren’t numerous sports I like more than soccer (ie basketball, football, curling, etc), but I am a fan… I don’t care what Chuck Klosterman thinks.  I’ve been to multiple Toronto FC “matches” (that’s what soccer games are called using soccer jargon) and first got into the sport back in 2003 when I played in Italy for the year.  Italy is obsessed with soccer and it was virutally ubiquitous.

Like a true American, I fought hard to maintain my disgust for what I perceived at the time as a wimpy and boring game.  But, after hundreds of hours of watching matches (it was the only thing on TV I could understand with the exception of snooker), it started to grow on me.

I ended up adopting Arsenal as my team (for the sole purpose of busting the chops of my British teammate who was a diehard Manchester United fan) and have been following them and Toronto FC ever since.

From Miles McAlpin: Blue cheese or ranch?

Ranch – No brainer.  Something about eating mold on purpose grosses me out (but eating it unknowingly is perfectly fine).

From Dwayne Henderson: Why do redheads always seem to kill it in the NBA? Brian Scalabrine was a God!

Redheads kill it in the NBA because it has been scientifically proven that we are genetically predisposed to be superior basketball players.  It’s kind of like the Bourne Identity… It’s a side effect of a classified government experiment during the height of The Cold War.  Why I have chosen this moment to publicly disclose such a closely guarded secret I have no idea.  Our secret society, The League of Redheads, will not be happy about this…

From Nick Lehr: What is the ideal vacation for Matt Bonner?

My ideal vacation would be to get dropped naked into the middle of a vast undisclosed wilderness and have to survive and find my way back to civilization… That is, if I choose to rejoin society.

From Travis Steel: Are they ever going to throw you the oop? 

Every time I get looked off while calling for an alley-oop, a little piece of me dies inside.   I keep telling our guards “YOLO”.  But it doesn’t seem to work.

From Travis Steel: What did you and Stephen Jackson listen to in the car? Bun B or the White Stripes?

Sadly, we never rode together in a car.  The need never arose.  I always had my Pontiac Grand Prix, and he always had his Rolls Royce.  All you need to know is that Stak5 is the man.  He was a great teammate and a good friend and if he ever asks me to spit a guest verse on one of his tracks, I wouldn’t even hesitate.  He rocked our charity SXSW showcase last year and was clutch like Bird… The fat lady sang.  So all you Stak5 haters better not step or you’ll get served… Michael Chang.


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Ananth Pandian

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