Brooklyn Nets Attack Detroit Pistons Mascot (Video)

This was just weird.

Last night, the Brooklyn Nets traveled to Detroit to take on the Pistons. It was a dramatic ending, with the Nets storming back, only to fall short, as the Pistons took home a 103-99 victory.

But there was just as much drama beforehand, as some members of the Brooklyn Nets jumped the Detroit Pistons mascot.

While the teams were warming up, Hooper, the Pistons’ mascot, came over to some of the Nets. All of a sudden, Hooper gets thrown to the ground and is surrounded by Nets players who begin kicking and punching him. One even throws a basketball at him as he lays on the ground.

Eventually, he got dragged off by some members of the Pistons’ game day staff. Then, a bit later he retaliated, sneaking up on Andray Blatche and covering him with silly string.

Just a weird series of events all around.