Pass of the Night: The Brandon Jennings Show (Video)

Chris Paul, Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard were all in action yesterday. Even Kevin Durant had 12 assists. But the winner of Pass of the Night? Brandon Jennings. Yep, Brandon Jennings.

Even though he has a reputation as a “me-first gunner” (not completely unfairly garnered), Jennings is a very good passer. Unfortunately, he has games were he just doesn’t do it enough. But when he’s in a passing mood – which he was yesterday – it is a joy to watch.

He racked up 7 assists in the 1st quarter, 11 by halftime, and finished the night with 12. He also chipped in 20 points and grabbed 6 rebounds as the Pistons took care of business with a 115-100 victory over the 76ers.

Below are three of his most impressive feeds of the night.

In the first clip, he dribbles around for a bit before receiving a screen from Greg Monroe. Spencer Hawes tries to hedge, but he doesn’t get out far enough, and Jennings is able to get around him and drive baseline to the basket. After drawing multiple defenders, Jennings spots Andre Drummond open in the paint and slips a nifty little pass into the big man, who converts the layup.

The second and third clips are both lobs from Jennings to Drummond. Drummond’s leaping ability gives Jennings a lot of leeway with the target zone, but both passes were on the money.


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