The Mamba Strikes Again: Kobe Responds To A Hater On Instagram

In case you missed the big news today, Kobe Bryant signed a two-year extension with the L.A. Lakers worth a whopping $48.5 million. That’s right, the 35-year old Kobe Bryant who tore his Achilles less than a year ago, and is yet to play a game since doing it, just signed a contract that will make him the highest paid player in the NBA for two more years.

It may sound coo-coo, but behind my sly comments, there is a strong belief that he’s worth every penny.

But to avoid getting into a big rant on why the Lakers did the right thing by rolling over onto their back to let Kobe tickle their tummy for as long as he so desires, I’ll just get to the fun bit. See, Kobe likes social media and he tends to do a pretty good job of it – his tweets are priceless and his photos on Instagram are insightful. But it’s the way that he interacts with fans that makes him the social media animal that he is, which brings me to this: Kobe’s latest photo.

While the photo itself is cool, I guess, that’s not really the interesting part because Kobe took to the comments section to share something he felt strongly about: “For those who are mathematically challenged, the Lakers offer made sure to have cap flexibility built in for max player next summer #dothemath #theyrsmaterthenu #ringsonly.” But amidst of the 4,840 current comments, and counting, someone (@aypeeusa) sent a little hate Kobe’s way, saying, “Loyalty only to his bank account! Should have taken pay cut to bring in talent if he really cared about winning legacy.”

Normally, Kobe probably wouldn’t respond to something like that because, well, he has better things to do than to respond to some hater on Instagram, but for whatever reason, he took exception this time around and fought back with a few words and a handful of classic Kobe hashtags.

The Mamba strikes again.

Scott Rafferty