Only one of the five largest wind equipment manufacturers is a Western company

Only one of the five largest wind equipment manufacturers is a Western company

65% of capacity Wind generation Mondial is based in China, so no one should be surprised that companies from this country are leading the sector. During 2023, four of the top five wind energy companies on the planet in terms of new installed capacity are Chinese.

Western company only

The leading manufacturer in this sector is Goldwind, which was already a leader in new capacity installed in 2022. In total, the company installed 16.3 GW in 2023. The data comes from the latest analysis by consultancy Wood Mackenzie. The Chinese company Envision also came in second place, with a capacity of 14.1 gigawatts, and in third place Vestaswhich reached 11.5 gigawatts and is the only Western manufacturer in the top five.

Four out of five

In fourth and fifth places appear two more Chinese companies. They are wendy and Mingyang, which installed 10.1 GW and 9.9 GW respectively. Among the five companies mentioned, they control 54% of the global wind energy market. Other Western companies also appear in the top 15: Siemens Gamesa, in sixth place with a production capacity of 9.7 gigawatts; General Electric is in eighth place with a score of 7.2; Nordex, ninth with 6.4, and Enercon, with 2.4 GW, is 14th in terms of technology. Will the Green Revolution end up helping the West stop relying on Arab oil, rather than relying on Chinese technology? The danger is there.

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