Lion Face Lemon Face 11/23/13: The Spurs Are Enjoying Life At The Top

It was another busy night in the NBA, but nothing really changed: The Spurs and Trailblazers are still hotter than the core of our earth, LeBron is still a fire breathing dragon and the Knicks still don’t know what it feels like to win a basketball game. That can’t be fun.

The good news is that there was plenty of material for another Lion Face/Lemon Face, so let’s get to it.

Lion Face: Matt Bonner is the Spurs’ new point guard

The Spurs are 12-1 after blowing out the Cavaliers last night, which matches their best start in franchise history, so, naturally, they’re making Matt Bonner their point guard from here on out. Tony Parker seems okay with it. Not sure Pop is crazy about that iso-call, though.

Part Lion Face: Injury updates. Part Lemon Face: The results.

Every NBA fan was on pins and needles yesterday, refreshing twitter every five seconds in the hope that news would leak about Gasol, Rose and Iguodala’s injuries. The good news is that their injuries aren’t as bad as we expected – Iguodala doesn’t need surgery, Rose didn’t tear his ACL and Gasol may “only” be out for a couple of months. The bad news is that they are all out indefinitely, which is just heartbreaking. If the NBA could figure out some way of turning injuries off, you know, like in 2K, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Also, this:

Lion Face: The bromance going on in San Antonio

Tony Parker’s inability to contain his excitement and Tim Ducan’s reaction when he realises he’s the butt of the joke (see what I did there?!) is just priceless.

Lemon Face: Jared Sullinger’s pride

Who knew Paul Millsap had this in him? I sure didn’t. And I’m guessing Jared Sullinger didn’t either, otherwise he wouldn’t have recklessly put his pride on the line like he did.

Lion Face: LeBron James isn’t human

LeBron scored 22 points against the Magic last night, marking his…wait for it…508th consecutive game with 10 or more points. Ridiculous, I know. With that, he is now tied with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the fourth best all-time. He’s also kicking at the heels of Moses Malone and Karl Malone, which is some solid company. Keep chasing those records, LeBron.

Lemon Face: Kevin Love’s present to Jeremy Lin

Don’t worry, Jeremy. I know how you feel. I got elbowed in the face once and it gave me a big ‘ol goose egg underneath my eyebrow. It’s not fun. And it looks ridiculous, especially when all you have to take the swelling down is a bag of frozen peas. You seem to be taking it well, though. I’m basing that on your selfie and the accompanied caption.

Good thing im hardheaded hahah #wheredmyhairgo#elbowtothehead #tylenol

Lion Face: Jordan Crawford is making Kevin Garnett proud in Boston

There’s something about this video that makes me laugh every, single time I watch it. Maybe it’s Jamal Crawford. Or maybe it’s the little hop and ball tap he does after getting fouled. Or maybe it’s his choice of, uhhh, language. Whatever it is, it’s hilarious and it just makes me like him more.

Lemon Face: DeMarcus Cousins runs your life, Isaiah Thomas

DeMarcus Cousins had his way with the Clippers’ frontline last night, putting up season-highs across the board of 23 points, 19 rebounds and 7 assists. But in true Cousins fashion, he had to stir up some controversy and this time, it was by stopping Isaiah Thomas from giving Chris Paul some dap at the end of the game.

When asked about Cousins’ actions, Chris Paul simply said, “He’s young, man. He don’t know no better.” But more importantly:

Yes, we’re keeping track of that now.

All GIFS were taken from Reddit/NBA.

Scott Rafferty