Pass of the Night: Brandon Jennings to Andre Drummond (Video)

Well this feels familiar.

Apparently off-the-backboard passes are becoming a thing now – well at least for Brandon Jennings that is. For the second time in three days, Jennings is featured on “Pass of the Night” for throwing a pass off of the backboard to Andre Drummond.

(Side Note: It also appears that we’re starting a pattern here on “Pass of the Night.” Including today, it has now gone Steph Curry-Brandon Jennings-Steph Curry-Brandon Jennings. So we’re counting on you to make something happen tonight, Steph!)

But back to last night’s feed from Jennings to Drummond. Late last night – on the East Coast anyway – the Detroit Pistons traveled to Staples Center to take on Nick Young and the Los Angeles Lakers.

After leading going into halftime, the Pistons fell apart in the 3rd quarter, scoring only 15 points. The Lakers took advantage, dominating the frame, on the way to a 114-99 victory.

Leading the way in a losing effort for Detroit were Jennings (23 points, 14 assists) and Drummond (14 points, 13 rebounds). But even in defeat, the duo was able to give Pistons fans – and fans across the league – a memorable moment.

Late in the 3rd quarter, Drummond deflected a pass from Steve Blake that was intended for Jordan Hill. The Pistons’ big man then scooped up the loose ball and started the break. Almost immediately, he wisely gave it up to Jennings, and continued on his way down the court.

Near the elbow, Jennings threw the ball hard off the backboard. Taking off from the middle of the lane, Drummond rose to snatch the ball in mid-air and slammed home the dunk.

Bravo, guys.